Soap & Glory Are Plucking Marvellous!

Soap & Glory Are Plucking Marvellous!

Soap and Glory drifted into my life through my love of bath and body products like a sweet-smelling, pretty, witty dream and I never looked back! From my first sniff of the luxurious shower cream, Clean on Me it was love, they’re wide variety and high quality products are enough to make anyone indulge in a little self pampering!

My love of Soap and Glory naturally excites me about being a possible glambassador for them, it would right up my alley as an English student and bath, body and beauty fanatic. Simply entering has reignited my love of blogging and I am incredibly excited about this opportunity!

A lot like Soap and Glory, my uni, the University of the West of England in Bristol also has variety and quality, all wrapped up in excellently on trend packaging! UWE is such a great uni and yes, maybe I’m a little bias, BUT, let me state my case…

UWE has an amazing range of brilliant courses, (much like Soap and Glory’s range of fabulous products), everything from English to Aerospace Engineering! However, this wouldn’t mean anything without dedicated, passionate lecturers, but its okay, we’ve got those too! In addition to this we have a kick ass library, set over three floors, for all your book reading, assignment researching, essay writing needs!

And it’s not all work either! We have a buzzing student’s union bar where we have many events to get people out after a hard day studying. From the weekly ‘Lock in’ to jazz nights, comedy nights, poetry slams and quiz nights! there’s something for everyone! Theres no excuse!

And finally for the sporty among you that like to hit the gym after all that excitement, (and of course after you’ve removed any makeup with your Drama Clean Micellar Cleansing Water), we have our very own on site gym! As well as being incredibly convenient for an after lecture workout, it also boats excellent facilities and once again, wonderfully helpful staff!

So there you have it! I think my uni is a kick ass place to work and play and I would love to help represent the amazing brand of Soap and Glory!

Please pluck me!


Lucy xxx


Update: Who I am & Why I’m Here


Yes, its been awhile and in that case I thought I would do a little updated Who I Am & Why I’m Here post! So lets get stuck in!

Name: Lucy Jayne Mannion
Age: 20
I’m currently studying English in Bristol, which is fun but HARD WORK and a LOT of reading! I love reading, fashion, beauty, photography and music.

Why I decided to start a blog?
I wanted to document my journey through life and meet like minded people, and I love writing so it seem a good idea at the time! haha

Topics I write about?
Anything from fashion, beauty, life, travel etc etc…

What I hope to accomplish?
Meet new and interesting people of course! Connect with bloggers and readers alike and have fun!

If you have any other questions for me, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Lucy xxx

Nip+Fab Review

Nip+Fab Review

Hi guys!

So today I have a little bit of a review for you! I have been loving the range Nip+Fab recently, especially as a lot of it is up to 50% off in Superdrug at the moment!

I have collected a few little pieces over the last few weeks and will do a quick run through of all three and how I use them. Lets get stuck in!


Firstly, I’ve been using the Nip+Fac Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads for a couple of weeks now. They come in a little pot of sixty pre soaked pads, packed with goodness, including Glycolic acid which retextures and resurfaces, hyaluronic acid which moisturises and refreshes and blue daisy which soothes and calms.


I’ve really loved using these as they really easy to use, and thoroughly refreshing on the skin. They feel like they’re actually doing something and leave my skin feeling so clean and fresh after cleansing, morning or evening. I’ve felt this had really made a difference to my skin, especially around my nose, my blackhead problem area! These are only £5.00 in Superdrug at the moment!!

Next up we have the Nip+Fab Dark Circle Fix Triple Action Eye Cream.


I’ve been searching for an eye cream for awhile now and this again had money off so thought I’d give it ago. I love eye creams simply for the fact they make my eyes feel so moisturised and awake. This one I’ve been using morning and night, you only need a tiny amount which is great and it has made visible results in my dark circles and puffiness, love this! Only £7.95 in Superdrug!

Finally we have the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Overnight purifying Gel. This is for dull and oily skin and you put it on overnight for a fresh face in the morning. So this helps exfoliate, helps unclog congested pores and help even skin tone.



The only thing I don’t like about this one is the smell after you’ve put it on, a few seconds after initially applying it smells a bit unpleasant, but this doesn’t last long. I haven’t noticed as much as a difference in my skin, but I haven’t been using this one as long so I can’t say completely if it works or not. £9.95 in Superdrug now!

So overall I’m really enjoying Nip+Fab’s skin care range, I do really think its working wonders for my skin, I would highly recommend, especially at its current price in Superdrug!

Check it out here: 

Love, Lucy xxx


New Year: Hello 2016!


So I’m a few days late, would you have me any other way? You know me. Always, it is officially 2016 now which is odd just to say, but I thought it might be a time to reflect on my achievements in 2015. There were some tremendous highs and lows in 2015, but I have certainly come a long way…

So thinking back to January last year I was just about getting over my experience with uni the previous September and starting to plan the next year of my life. I was really struggling with my anxiety and was kind of at a low point. I had started a permanent part time job at Sainsbury’s which tested me more than any other job had, I think possibly after my uni experience my little confidence had been knocked even more. However I pushed through and gained a lot of experience and skills, by the time I left I had made some great friends and gained real life experience.

As I had more spare time I became really close with my still best friend Emma. I would see her every week, if not more and she, along with my family were certainly my rock through the tough times. I was also then having CBT in an effort to really combat my anxiety and low self esteem which again was kind of a lifeline, I really enjoyed going and although sometimes it was hard to face, it made me look at life in a more positive, realistic way and face myself.

In the summer we went on the holiday of a lifetime, which was amazing and awful at the same time. We went on a huge 2 1/2 week California road trip. However I ended up in A&E twice and I have to say those 48 hours in L.A’s A&E department was probably one of the worst experiences of my life. Saying this the good times thoroughly outweighed the bad as it was an INCREDIBLE trip and just makes me want to go back immediately.

However struggling with my health I had further tests when I got back, finding I had a swollen right kidney and a ovarian cyst the size of a large golf ball. I don’t want to go into that too much because I feel its nothing that needs dwelling on. But I am feeling much better these days!

The next few months went by pretty hum drum, nothing particularly special happened. I quit my job in preparation for uni in September which by this time I’d decided I was going to give a real go. I knew it would be difficult but I felt I had somewhat unfinished business there and wanted to prove to myself I could do it. I finished my CBT which was liberating but scary, I’d been seeing him every week for the past few months.

Finally in September the big day arrived and I made the move to Bristol. It was terrifying and the first couple of weeks were the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I thought about leaving many times. However the distance I feel I’ve come since those first few weeks is amazing. I have gained so much confidence which has helped my anxiety and I’ve made some brilliant friends who have been there for me every step of the way. I’ve done things in the last few months of 2015 I never thought I would do. I couldn’t have done any of this without the steady support and love of my friends and family, especially my parents, who have ferried me back and too to Bristol too many times to count!

We had a lovely Christmas & New Year as a family, including visiting some family further afield. I am now taking medication for my anxiety but I am no longer ashamed of this, my anxiety is a constant battle but I can say I have come on leaps and bounds.

2015 was great, but 2016 is going to be AMAZING.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas & New Year and may 2016 bring you every happiness!

Love, Lucy xxx


Touch Organic Tea Review

Touch Organic Tea Review


So I have most likely done posts on green tea in the past, simply because I am a little bit obsessed with it, so on my recent visit to TKMaxx I was ecstatic to find more of the Touch Organic range.

I’ve had the green tea in bags and their loose leaf green tea before and loved them so when I found this cute little gift set, there was no question, I had to buy it!

So basically within the set you got a mini pot of their Classic Green Tea- Chun Mei, a mini pot of their Sencha Green Tea and a gorgeous diffuser mug all in a cute little tea crate.

I love Green tea and although some people only drink it for health benefits, I genuinely like the taste! Its really the only hot drink I drink so I drink a lot of it!


I would highly recommend you look out for Touch Organic teas in TKMaxx next time you’re in or you can also buy them on amazon! There are numerous health benefits for green tea, but I also think it just tastes really nice! My favourite though has to be lemon green tea! Yum!

Love, Lucy xxx



Winter Lip Care Routine (Dior Addict Lipstick)

Winter Lip Care Routine (Dior Addict Lipstick)


So who else gets annoying dry and sore lips in winter? Yes? Well me bloody too! Its just brilliant isn’t it? For me its pretty much a daily battle because as soon as they get a little dry and cracked I am sure to bite them and make them even more sore!

So I have complied what I do to keep my lips in tip top condition, not only for the sake of my lips but also so they look good under any of my array of beautiful lipsticks!

So first of all I would exfoliate my lips! Recently I’ve been using the Benefit Dr. Feelgood Buffing Lip Beads. These are brilliant for getting rid of flaky, dry skin with out it being harsh to the sensitive skin of the lips.IMG_1679


I will then obviously rehydrate my lips and at the moment I’ve been loving   Badger’s Lip & Body Balm  in Highland Mint. This is brilliant for slicking on my lips to keep my smooth and subtle. Its great if you really massage it in as it sinks in nicely and as its a body balm as well you can go onto the skin around your lips too.


Then of course it’s time to whack on your favourite lipstick, for me its the simple yet beautiful Dior Addict Lipstick in 260.



And there you go! Perfectly kissable lips! I really love this Dior lipstick as its smooth, shimmery but oh so subtle and pretty!

Love, Lucy xxx


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


So yes I know this is a day late, by now you’re all probably elbowing each other out the way to grab that boxing day sale, however, I wanted to say it before it was too late! So here it is MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I really hope everyone had the best day filled with family, friends, good food and everything you wanted! I surely had an amazing christmas day this year, it was lovely!

Obviously with christmas comes to brilliant blog post opportunities so watch this space for reviews/hauls/lookbooks/routines etc to be heading your way soon, I hope you’re as excited about it as I am!

For now I shall leave you with one my favourite pictures of the day, my wonderful mum zonked after working the morning in a care home and then coming home and making the rest of the day magical!


Love, Lucy xxx