So who else gets annoying dry and sore lips in winter? Yes? Well me bloody too! Its just brilliant isn’t it? For me its pretty much a daily battle because as soon as they get a little dry and cracked I am sure to bite them and make them even more sore!

So I have complied what I do to keep my lips in tip top condition, not only for the sake of my lips but also so they look good under any of my array of beautiful lipsticks!

So first of all I would exfoliate my lips! Recently I’ve been using the Benefit Dr. Feelgood Buffing Lip Beads. These are brilliant for getting rid of flaky, dry skin with out it being harsh to the sensitive skin of the lips.IMG_1679


I will then obviously rehydrate my lips and at the moment I’ve been loving   Badger’s Lip & Body Balm  in Highland Mint. This is brilliant for slicking on my lips to keep my smooth and subtle. Its great if you really massage it in as it sinks in nicely and as its a body balm as well you can go onto the skin around your lips too.


Then of course it’s time to whack on your favourite lipstick, for me its the simple yet beautiful Dior Addict Lipstick in 260.



And there you go! Perfectly kissable lips! I really love this Dior lipstick as its smooth, shimmery but oh so subtle and pretty!

Love, Lucy xxx



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