California Roadtrip Part 7: Guns, Bubba Gump and Goodbye America….FOR NOW!

California Roadtrip Part 7: Guns, Bubba Gump and Goodbye America….FOR NOW!

Hey there!

Lets get back to it! Here we are the LAST post about my California Roadtrip!

DAY 14

Today was fathers day! And we decided to celebrate Vegas style! Me, my brother and my dad all headed to The Gun Store in Vegas to try our hand at shooting some guns. I initially was going just to watch, but ended up getting coerced into having  a go and actually, I’m incredibly glad I did.

I would just like to point out that I know some people find guns offensive and don’t believe in them. They have been a great source of controversy recently, especially in America with all the talks over gun laws. However this was in a controlled setting, it was purely for a bit of fun whilst we were in a country that actually has guns! Whether we like it or not guns have and are a part of our history and most likely our future. I respect all opinions on them and I myself, would love to live in a world where we don’t need guns.



We headed back to the hotel after that and I had a quick dip in the pool!

Then me and dad went up the Stratosphere! Which has the tallest ride in the world on top of it! We didn’t do that one however, but did go on one just slightly lower down haha.

IMG_1177 IMG_1184 IMG_1187 IMG_1189

It was amazing, you could see the whole of Vegas and into the desert, spectacular! It was really nice to spend some time with my dad that day 🙂

We went back to the hotel again to pack 😦 this was the last full day in America and I was pretty gutted to be leaving.

We went out to dinner at Bubba Gump which I loved, I love Bubba Gump! We walked back along the strip and tried to take everything in one last time.

IMG_1192 IMG_1194 IMG_1195

DAY 15

The next morning we were up at 5am to get to the airport! So it was goodbye Las Vegas, but not quite America yet! We dropped the car off and checked in our bags, grabbed a spot of breakfast and before we knew it we were on our plane to Dulles Airport.


We stayed in Dulles airport until our final flight and it was finally goodbye America, thank you for everything! Quite literally a trip of a lifetime.

2 1/2 weeks, 1 country, 3 states, 5 stops, 5 hotels, 2 trips to A&E, laughs, tears, memories, long days, even longer nights, hours of driving, sun, sea, 45 degree heat, celebrities, animals, movies, adventures, anxiety, fun…an experience.

Lucy xxx


California Roadtrip Part 6: Doctor’s Appointments, Las Vegas and 114F heat!

California Roadtrip Part 6: Doctor’s Appointments, Las Vegas and 114F heat!

I’m back! So let’s jump back into it!

DAY 11

Day 11 was the extra day we had to stay in L.A because I was still quite ill, so nothing really happened, we just hung round the hotel and then I had another appt in the afternoon.

DAY 12

I had one final doctors appt and then we headed off to VEGAS! We didn’t know until we got there that there was a major music festival going on in Las Vegas the exact same time that we would be there, so on the way, everywhere we stopped people were talking about it! It was the longest time in the car we had done, but the change in landscape was spectacular and when we eventually stepped out the nice air conditioned car, the heat hit you like an oven!


We finally made it legendary Las Vegas! Oh boy, it does not disappoint! We checked into our hotel The Monte Carlo and got ready to hit the strip!

IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1087 IMG_1090IMG_1098


We had dinner outside on the strip which was magical, surreal and crazzzzyyy busy! I’ve never seen so many people! And it was still 32 degrees C at 10pm! We then watched the fountain display outside the Bellagio hotel which you have to see to believe! Then headed back to our hotel rooms!


DAY 13

Today was the day we planned on going out to the Hoover Dam. We stopped off for a quick breakfast on the road and also had a little stop off at the Vegas Sign!



Quick note, it was like BURNINGLY HOT that day, and it was only going to get worse. We arrived at the Hoover Dam in 114F heat, which we later found out had been the hottest place on the planet that day.

I have to say, it felt like it. I was still recovering from being in hospital and I struggled to walk the length of the dam. I started to feel sick and dizzy and it was just insane the heat. Luckily the view and the size of it, took my mind off it and I did in fact make it to the other side. On the other side they had set up a massive cooling fan in the shade which whilst eating an ice lolly I sat next to for half an hour trying to calm my breathing down!

Then came the walk back! We made it just about, but boy were we glad to get back into that air conditioned car! That a side, the Hoover Dam is AMAZING and I highly recommend going if you can!

IMG_1120 IMG_1121

IMG_1122 IMG_1124 IMG_1133 IMG_1137 IMG_1138 IMG_1140

On the way back from the Hoover Dam we stopped off at a place called Willow Beach/Lake Mohave famed for its FREEZING WATERS. It wasn’t really ‘a beach’ but the water was VERY cold and refreshing!

IMG_1147 IMG_1152 IMG_1153

Then we headed back to our hotel, we had dinner in the casino at a place called ‘Dragon Noodles’ (Chinese!) and then headed off to bed!

Stayed tuned for part 7!

Lucy xxx

California Roadtrip Part 5: Beverly Hills, Universal Studios & Back to A&E

California Roadtrip Part 5: Beverly Hills, Universal Studios & Back to A&E

Hello again!

So I’m back with another part of my California road trip!

DAY 9!

On the 9th day we headed out from our hotel into Beverly hills! We parked up and took a stroll down Rodeo drive. For those that don’t know Rodeo drive is a road of extremely expensive shops where the rich and famous go! We didn’t see many famous people in fact only one and I didn’t know who she was! haha! Jessica Alba?? Apparently she’s quite famous!







We had breakfast on the way back to the car we had brunch/lunch at a cute little bagel place and ate them in Beverly Gardens Park. Then we hopped back in the car on a mission to find the Hollywood sign!

My first sight of the sign was from the road…


We went on a search of a better vantage point…

and found the Griffith Park Observatory!


It had some great views of L.A and the Hollywood sign, it was extremely warm up there!







We found the trail in Griffith park to walk to the sign, but after talking to some walkers that had just come back, we decided not too! It was quite far and we weren’t really dressed for it and there was other places we wanted to explore!

We drove back towards the hotel through L.A and then had some lush cocktails by the pool and chilled out!

For dinner we went for indian at India’s Claypot!

DAY 10!

Day 10 was probably one of my favourite and least favourite days all rolled into one. It started out amazing, a couple of days before we’d bought tickets to go to Universal Studios, somewhere I’d always wanted to go.

We got there and decided to upgrade to the VIP tour, which was incredible! We had our own little private area with breakfast, drinks, our own toilets and it was the place we met our (with a few others) personal tour guide.

On the VIP tour you go round in smaller groups on the tour and you get to actually get out and walk around some of the sets, prop and costume departments, it was amazing! Obviously I took a hell of a lot of pictures that day, but unfortunately it would probably take you took long to get through them all so I will narrow it down to just a few…


IMG_0959 IMG_0978 IMG_0999 IMG_1008 IMG_1011 IMG_1033 IMG_1043 IMG_1054 IMG_1062

However the day ended badly as not much later I was taken by ambulance to A&E again 😥 I won’t go into details, but lets just say, I wasn’t happy. It also then effected our plans as we had to stay in L.A for an extra day which mean’t missing out Death Valley.

Till the next time!

Lucy xxx

California Roadtrip Part 4: Highways, Beaches and Mel’s Diner!

California Roadtrip Part 4: Highways, Beaches and Mel’s Diner!

So I am back with another part of my California Road trip!

DAY 7!

So today was the day we were headed to Santa Barbara so we had breakfast on the road, in fact we had breakfast in Safeways! Then it was on the road to Santa Barbara!

We headed out on highway 1 along the big sur, which has some of the most beautiful views!




We then stopped off at a lovely beach in San Simeon….



There’s nothing like sitting on a warm Californian beach with a cool, soft breeze blowing through your hair….

However all too soon we were on the road again and before we knew it we were in Santa Barbara! We checked into our hotel, which was really nice by the way and then headed down town for dinner in a fancy Italian.

DAY 8!

Today we decided to stay by the pool for a bit, just enjoying the sun and the peace and quiet after we had had breakfast at the hotel.

We explored down town a little, then headed off to the beach for a walk along the pier. IMG_0875



Then after much too shorter time in Santa Barbara, (we only had 1 night there) we were off to L.A!!

We did however get horribly lost on the way to Los Angeles, at one point it was like a scene out of The Hills Have Eyes.

However finally we arrived in the famous Los Angeles! After only dreaming of being there I could touch it, feel it, smell it! Our hotel was The Sportsmans Lodge and it was a snazzy hotel situated in North Hollywood.

We checked in and then headed into central L.A, Sunset Boulevard to be exact, to have dinner at Mel’s Diner, best place ever! It’s open 24hrs and the food is great! All retro and beautiful and a lot of the tables have little juke boxes on them so you can choose music to listen to whilst you eat.


Then it was off to bed! As we hadn’t seen much of L.A yet we were so excited for the next day!

However I will leave that for the next post! It’ll be a big one!

Lucy xxx

California Roadtrip part 3: Golden Gated, cowgirls & Aquariums…

California Roadtrip part 3: Golden Gated, cowgirls & Aquariums…

Welcome back! Sorry its been awhile!

So onto DAY 5!

Today we got up and went in search of a different place to have breakfast. We drove out of central San Fran and found a healthy food/breakfast place called ‘Evolution’.

We walked around for a bit, found the most amazing pet store, with a man and his pet parrot!

We drove then to the Palace of Fine Arts which was stunning!




We also walked down to see the Golden Gate Bridge…


Which unfortunately was shrouded in cloud from this view….

However as this was the day we were leaving for Monterey we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge on our way there…


And then it was goodbye San Fransisco, thank you for an unforgettable time! On to Monterey!

We basically just checked into the hotel when we got to Monterey and had dinner in Knuckles Sports bar.


On day 6 we headed straight into Monterey and had breakfast in ‘American Diner’ and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! It was really cool, the jellyfish were definitely my favourite!






After this, we drove ’17 mile drive’ seeing amazing coast views and these beautiful deer right outside someones house!

Then it was onto Carmel, which Clint Eastwood was mayor of for a while! Then we went to Carmel Valley which is known for being really warm and sunny even if just down the road in Monterey its cooler and cloudy. We met a real life part time cow girl, pull time police deputy! Her horses were georgous!



We then drove back to the hotel after a busy and fun day!

Lucy xxx

California Roadtrip part 2: San Fran, Big cliffs & Mrs Doubtfire

California Roadtrip part 2: San Fran, Big cliffs & Mrs Doubtfire


Back again for part two of series on my California Roadtrip!

So picking up where we left off DAY 3!

Day 3 started with another gut busting, but absolutely gorgeous breakfast at Pinecrest. We walked down to Union Square and me and mum went into Macy’s and of course I headed straight for the MAC section! I had my entire face done up and the girl that helped us out was so nice. Of course I bought a few things! 😉


We’d decided to take today slow so after a little look around some other shops round Union Square we headed back to the hotel for bit.

However soon we were up and out again and we decided to take a trip down to Chinatown.








I bought a lovely jade necklace in one of the shops there and I actually really enjoyed walking around that area.

In the spirit of Chinese we got a Chinese takeaway that night and once more flopped into bed!


So in the morning we picked up our hire car and went to find the house from Mrs. Doubtfire. As big fans of Robin Williams it became a must.

It was actually incredibly moving as when we got there we saw hundreds of the stones around the trees outside had be written on with messages for Robin.




Someone had even left a letter for him…


We then headed out of San Fransisco in search of Yosemite National park, but because we’d started our day quite late and it was going to take a while to get there, we literally only decided last minute.

We got lunch on the road and drove, we got lost a couple of times and by the time we found it, it was like 5pm! Because of this we didn’t stay long! But wow, was it worth it!






I can’t describe the beautiful surroundings, the peace and quiet and the scale of some of the cliffs! The pictures are great, but they do NOT do it justice! I love nature and this place was just truly breath taking.

We headed back to San Fransisco and picked up a deliciously pizza takeaway on the way back.

Thats all for now!

Lucy xxx

California Roadtrip Part 1: A&E, long days and big city living…

California Roadtrip Part 1: A&E, long days and big city living…

I’m back! And I don’t just mean back to blogging. I have also just come back from a two and a half week trip along the west coast of America! It was memorable lets just say that! I will be doing a number of blog posts about it mixed in with other posts too so it doesn’t get too boring!

Anyway to sum up the holiday I have written this paragraph…

2 and 1/2 weeks, 1 country, 3 states, 5 stops, 5 hotels, 2 trips to A&E, laughs, tears, memories, long days, even longer nights, hours of driving, sun, sea, 45 degree heat, celebrities, animals, movies, adventures, anxiety, fun….an experience.

So lets start at the very beginning shall we, as I’ve said it was a long trip so I won’t be going into minute detail about every single thing we did, but I will be giving you a pretty good idea!

So DAY 1 started at 4am when we had to get up to go to the airport! We were flying out of Heathrow with United Airlines, of who I personally had never flown with before! I woke up suffering with pain in my side which I’ve had before which I had to go to A&E because of so I had had little sleep and wasn’t in a great mood.


This unfortunately did get worse during our 11 hour flight and by the time we landed in San Fransisco I had to be escorted off the plane by paramedics. Good start to the holiday eh? Its fair to say I was upset. Anyways, the paramedic was LOVELY and in the hospital they pumped me full of morphine, did some tests but couldn’t really find much so I was discharged with some strong pills to take and we headed to our hotel.

The hotel we stayed in in San Fran was the Hotel Adagio and it was really nice. The beds, were the comfiest beds ever! We didn’t do much that evening as I was exhausted and completely drugged up so we kind of just flopped into bed with room service!


Day 2 was a lot better! I felt quite a bit better although I was still woozy from the day before. We had a late (VERY late haha) breakfast at the Pinecrest diner on our street and it was lush! ‘Best breakfast in San Fransisco!’

In the Hotel lobby 🙂
We walked down to union square which was literally a couple of blocks from our hotel, and then took a tram up to Lombard Street. After a few pictures we wandered down to the bay and took a stroll along Hyde St. Pier.

Tram trip!

Lombard Street!
Lombard Street!

We then walked along to Pier 39 to see the sea lions and me, my dad and my brother went on The Rocketboat out in the harbour, which was awesome! There was a street band, people playing music, great shops and beautiful views, I really enjoyed it.

Sea Lions!
Sea Lions!



We then got the F line (very similar to trams) back halfway, then walked the rest. Again this night we got room service and after a long day, fell into bed!

I’ll leave it there for now, but stick around for Part 2!

Lots of love,

Lucy xxx