Update: Who I am & Why I’m Here


Yes, its been awhile and in that case I thought I would do a little updated Who I Am & Why I’m Here post! So lets get stuck in!

Name: Lucy Jayne Mannion
Age: 20
I’m currently studying English in Bristol, which is fun but HARD WORK and a LOT of reading! I love reading, fashion, beauty, photography and music.

Why I decided to start a blog?
I wanted to document my journey through life and meet like minded people, and I love writing so it seem a good idea at the time! haha

Topics I write about?
Anything from fashion, beauty, life, travel etc etc…

What I hope to accomplish?
Meet new and interesting people of course! Connect with bloggers and readers alike and have fun!

If you have any other questions for me, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Lucy xxx