We are officially in one of the best months of the year, December! We all know why that is, CHRISTMAS! Can I get a whoop whoop!

I now have only one week to go until I break up from uni for christmas after having submitted my last assignment till January last week, and although I CAN’T F-ING WAIT, I will also miss my friends whilst I’m not there. Its been a long, but also life changing twelve weeks!

In the last week I also got back my marks from my first piece of coursework. I wasn’t particularly happy with them initially I’m not going to lie, but that was certainly the perfectionist coming out in me. I think I was most upset about feeling I’d let myself down, reading it back I could tell why I’d got a lower mark than I wanted. However with some perspective I can now say I didn’t do badly at all! It was my first piece of uni work and I’d had a hard couple of months settling and should be proud of myself for even just being there!

I also have room to improve which is always good and I could let it knock me down but I will pick myself up and eagerly await my next marks! :/

Apart from that, a good week! I went to my Winter Ball at SWX in Bristol which was great! I’m not a massive nightclub person, but I throughly enjoyed letting my hair down with some brilliant people! I also went along to UWE’s Christmas fair and got my face painted which was cool!

Here are some pictures from the last week:



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