New Years Eve

Hello there!

So this is the last post in 2013 and the next will be in 2014. Jeez, how the years are starting to fly by, it’s getting scary. But as much as this is a time to reflect, it is also a time to look forward with new years resolutions and new hopes and dreams.

I am writing this at home, after watching the whole of Hairspray and Mammia Mia for the hundredth time feeling really tired in a nice relaxed way and I think this is as good a way as any to spend my new years eve. I probably won’t even make it till midnight I am so tired! But I don’t need to stay up to midnight to be able to celebrate and look forward to another year, a new chapter of my life, so whatever you’re doing tonight to celebrate another year passing, I just hope you’re enjoying yourself with the people you care about.

I think my new years resolution will be to simply live my life to full, live everyday like it’s my last, spend time with my family and have no regrets.

So to conclude I hope you have all had a happy holiday period and I hope you all have a very happy new year, drop me your new years resolutions in the comments 🙂

Lucy xxxx

p.s See you in 2014 😉


All Things Christmassy!


Christmas day was five days ago now and what a day it was! I got some amazing presents from some amazing people and I hope you did too. But as we know it’s not all about the presents and material things this time of year, its about family, being together and enjoying each others company.

Three weeks ago now I had some bad news, my grandmother had passed away. Obviously this devastated our family and it has been and continues to be hard, but I don’t want this to be a gloomy post as its primarily about the christmas spirit! However upsetting this has been it’s also made me realise just how important family is. Especially your grandparents as they won’t be around forever and you may not get to see them as often as other members of your family. A little tip from me, make sure you take every opportunity to spend time with your family, because its important and you just don’t know how long you have left.

On a happier note, its now the in between days of not Christmas, not new year. Although tomorrow it will be new years eve! I’m looking forward to heading down to the pub after my not too bad four and half hour shift at work to do a little partying of my own. I probably enjoy the getting ready and doing my hair and makeup more than I actually enjoying going down the pub, but hey ho, its all fun and games. Speaking of work, my last shift is on new years day, hopefully it won’t be busy tomorrow or new years day, as I will probably be quite tired on new years day anyway. I’ve had fun working at Monsoon, I’ve met some great people, some I really hope to keep in contact with too. I think it’s given me great work and just general life experience, confidence too, which I still think I am sorely lacking in. But it has given me some extra funds in my bank account which I can’t grumble at! I went shopping in Exeter yesterday and bought some brilliant things in the sales in Jack Wills and Urban Outfitters, I may do a little look book based on them at some point if people want, drop me a comment! 

The next big thing then is going to back to college, which at the moment I’m not really dreading as I usually am. I do miss my friends and the general hum drum of college life, I think I’m starting to like it more as the thought of university and moving away scares the hell out of me. Hopefully I will still blog when I go to uni!

Anyway, I think I’ll end it here, I hope you’ve all had a very merry christmas and I hope you have a great new year, may be some pictures of new years appearing in a couple of days 😉 And the moral for today is, spend as much time with the family as you can, whilst you can.

Love, Lucy xxx

Very quick, late night post….


Okay so I’m sorry its been a while, but it has been over christmas and I’m sure you can all understand how busy and stressful that time can be, but also how wonderful! So I am hereby promising a full, proper blog post on all my Christmassy experiences so far, but for now I leave you with one of my favourite quotes to keep you going ‘expect problems, and eat them for breakfast’ 


Lucy xxx

A Wet, Windy, Busy Day Off


So today I had a day off work, yay! However I had a LOT to fit in to the day, which I mostly managed to do. I’d already said I would go to my friends for a bit to watch some Marvel films (Loki!) with her and some other people so I headed there first. I watched a couple of films there and then headed home to walk my dog in the horrendous weather. Since last night it has been raining non stop and the wind has been gale force, so going out wasn’t exactly fun. Then straight after getting home me and my dad hopped into the car and drove into town to pick my brother up from work.  I also wanted to pick up a present for my mum and a new top for me for work, so it was a little bit of a rush as by this time it was ten to five. And all the while the rain was just getting heavier and heavier…. so yeah it’s been an eventful day off work, and I’m back in tomorrow because it’s CHRISTMAS EVE, still not feeling that christmassy but trying! I’ll leave it here, if you love Marvel films like this post! hahaa Hope everyone is good and Merry Christmas! 😀

Lucy xxx

Book Review: Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks

Hello followers!

Let me first quickly say how happy and thankful I am for all the likes and follows I’ve had over the last few days, its so incredible and heart warming, so thank you. 🙂

Anyway onto the review! Sorry its a day late, I didn’t quite realise how late it was last night and I was pretty tired so anyways… it is!

Today’s book review is of a personal favorite of mine, Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks. I first came across this story when my dad told me about a programme that was on about WW1, and being very interested in the war I decided to watch a bit of it. This also sparked my love of the amazing actor Eddie Redmayne but thats another blog post! I fell in love with the story, which I’ll explain briefly now.

The novel is set in three different time periods, before and after the war and mainly focuses on Stephen Wraysford but also the life of Stephens granddaughter Elizabeth. Basically a young English Stephen Wraysford goes to stay with the Azaire family in 1910 France to learn about the textile industry. Whilst there he falls into a passionate relationship with head of the household Rene’s second wife (he’s been married before) Isabelle who is also substantially younger than him.  They end up running away together and live together for a while, but unexpectedly, without telling Stephen she goes back to the Azaires. The next phase of the story is in 1916 during the war where Stephen is now lieutenant in the British Army, and we see through his eyes the first day of the battle of the Somme. He creates real heart warming friendships including Michael Weir and Jack Firebrace through which sections of the story is told. However he is still scarred by the loss of Isabelle and you can see a real change of personality hardened by war.

Towards the end of the novel you learn the truth about Isabelle and her sister Jeanne who also plays a part, and also thrown into the mix is a jump forward in time to 1978, showing Stephens granddaughter trying to learn more about him.

I’m probably making it sound completely boring but trust me, its not. I watched the TV series first and I think this did actually help as it is quite a complex story. However they do leave a lot out of the TV series. There is no 1978 at all, and the novel is completely through Stephens eyes, I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to ruin this amazing story. But I would totally experience them both, the novel is a true masterpiece. You get the beauty of passionate love along with struggle and betrayal, and then the heart wrenching and horrible experience of the first world war. It’s simply fantastic, and as I said before Eddie Redmayne in the TV series, oh my lord, he is sooo good, truly worth while watching.

Okay, I’m going to wrap this up but one more time I would like to say this book and the TV adaptation are really stunning, I have read this book soooo many times I’ve lost count and I now actually have two copies of the book. In true review fashion I will also rate it out of 10 and unashamedly I award this novel 10/10! If you have time, if you see it at a car boot sale, or a second hand book sale or even if you go straight to waterstones or another bookstore, if your interested in love, the war or just a brilliantly written book this is definitely worth a read, or watch!

Sorry if this has seemed a bit rambly, I’m trying to keep my dog off my netbook! Anyways, hope you enjoyed, please leave a comment, like or follow! See you soon!

Lucy xxx



So today I have finally broken up from college!! yaaay! It’s been a very long term and there has been a lot of stressful experiences along the way but its finished now and christmas day is just over the hill, oooohh exciting!! I went last minute christmas shopping this evening with my mum which was nice and the rain stayed away thankfully! Oh and anyone that read my last blog post, I survived the gales and rain, it was pretty bad though, we had a couple of landslides in our village! Anyways I hopefully will be posting a proper blog post a bit later, a book review of some sort, but I thought I would just update you on the goings on of today. Hope everyone is getting in the festive mood and feeling happy!

Lucy xxx

Tis the season to be jolly?


So as its getting hard to ignore now (not that you’d want to!) christmas is just around the corner, but here in the southwest of the UK, it certainly doesn’t feel like the bleak mid winter. I’m currently sat here writing this blog post, looking out the window at the god awful weather outside and thinking just why…..why. It’s raining cat’s and dogs, the gale force wind nearly blew me over today and the worst of it was I was wearing a skirt today…..

At christmas time it’s just not right if the weather isn’t cold and frosty and STILL. I think that’s the reason I still don’t feel particularly christmassy. I mean the flaming wind, I had to wear something christmassy today at college and the only thing I own that is christmassy is a skirt with little reindeer’s on the hem. Now when I looked at out the window at ten past seven this morning it was still as you like, but as soon as I stepped out the door it was gale force which meant once I’d  parked up and loaded myself up with all my stuff to return, my bag and books I could only just hold down my skirt without flashing myself to the many cars that were driving past. Not fun. 

Okay moan over, but seriously weather buck up. I need no wind, no rain, I’ll go for a little colder, but not this, this is not christmas, lots of love, a peeved girl, 

Lucy xxx