Thank You <3


I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you, all my lovely followers and readers, I’ve enjoyed growing this blog so much and I hope it continues to grow in 2015.

I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog and interacting with me, please let me know any improvements I can make, its much appreciated πŸ™‚ I hope this blog gets more personal, but its still hard for me to really open up about certain things.

So that’s all I wanted to say today, thank you. Thank you for making me feel special and thank you for allowing me my little space on the internet to be me.

Lucy xxx

p.s I’ve been doing posts daily for a while now, but I think its time to put this down to two days week, this will give me time to get quality content and continue on in my quest to figure out what I want to do in my life. I will start this from the 5th of January 😊


My New Years Resolutions!


So its that time! New years eve! The time to make some new years resolutions! So today I’m going to share mine with you! I actually don’t usually set myself new year resolutions but the end of this year hasn’t been the best so I thought I would give it ago this year!

  1. Β Decide what I want to do with my life! If I want to go to uni, what course I want to do.
  2. Travel. At least somewhere!
  3. Start to sort out my anxiety and push myself to say yes more!
  4. Learn to cook. A little. This is something I want to incorporate into my blog in 2015. πŸ˜‰
  5. Be happy!

Only 5, I didn’t want to set unreachable goals for myself, but with these five I think I can achieve most of them in a year.

I believe you should live your life exactly as you want as long as you are healthy and happy and not causing harm to anyone else, but setting yourself some goals for the year can’t hurt.

What are some of your new years resolutions? Do you even set yourself resolutions?


Lucy xxx

Filthy Sexy London Review!


So here we are in the midway point between Christmas and New Year!

Today I am going to show you my new favourite thing, my FSL leisure suit!



FSL clothing is a boutique fashion line featuring womenswear and luxe loungewear inspired by the people, fashion and atmosphere of London itself. I bought mine at the Clothes Show Live this year and I have been in love with them ever since.

They are the comfiest and stretchiest material ever! You kind have to feel it to believe it! They have a range of slogans and designs, I also bought a really cute T-shirt which no doubt I will be featuring on here too soon!

It’s quite pricey, but its so worth it! It’s the perfect balance between comfy, slouchy clothes but it’s nice enough you could pop to the shops in it, or its also great for a long journey.

I would highly recommend checking out their website and having a browse!

Lucy xxx

Merry Christmas!!!


So the big day has now past, but MERRY CHRISTMAS! Its been a hectic few days for me and I’m sure its been the same for you! We are now on the countdown to the New Year which is scary and hopeful for me.

I wouldn’t say 2014 has been my best year, especially the second half of it, but at the same time 2015 is a year of unknowns and that scares me.

Anyway, I hope you’ve all been having a lovely christmas with friends and family, good food and presents! I’ll hopefully do another post before the new year but if I don’t, happy new year and I’ll see you then!!

Lucy xxx

Benefit Advent Calendar Roundup!


So here we are together on Christmas eve!! Isn’t it exciting?! Here’s a little roundup of the last few products in my Benefit Advent Calendar!


BAD gal lash! Great mascara, I’ve had it before! πŸ™‚


Watt’s Up, a soft focus highlighter for your face, this is also really pretty, its like a pearly, shimmery beige colour.


Another tint! This one is like a mango colour, its gorgeous!


ANOTHER tint, this one is a poppy pink colour!

And finally for day 24!…


This is a great concealer with a moisturising ring around it so that it doesn’t crease.

And there you have it! The end of the Benefit Advent Calendar! I’ve really enjoyed opening it each day and its been a bit different to chocolate! I would highly recommend it to anyone Β who wants to try out Benefit products or loves Benefit already (like me!).

Lucy xxx

The Christmas Rush!


So I know I’ve missed four three, basically four days of posts and I’m not going to bother trying to catch up with my Benefit Advent Calendar because it ends tomorrow, so I shall do it then! Today I thought I would just do a little round up of the last few hectic days, a bit more of a chatty style post for you!

Okay so on Saturday nothing out the ordinary happened, I worked in the evening, it was NOT a good shift. I had a little meltdown about it, but bounced back the next day for my 7hr shift. It has been so crazy in work in the lead up to christmas!

Monday, me and my dad went last minute christmas shopping in Bristol, which was nice. We managed to get my mum some really nice presents which I think she’ll really like. πŸ™‚

And then today I have been at work till 2pm and then me and my dad grabbed some lunch then headed to pick up a parcel for my mum. We walked my dog and now I am finally home and sat down!

So I have tomorrow (CHRISTMAS EVE!!!) the morning anyway, to catch up on doing some posts, but I hope everyone is in the christmas spirit and enjoying themselves! πŸ˜€

Lucy xxx