A Weekend of Busy Busy Busy!

Hi guys! So the eagle eyed amongst you will realise it’s not my usual blog day, although last week it wasn’t either, but I want to start posting a bit more, even if they are just more chatty, lifestyle posts like this one 🙂 The weekend just gone was a pretty hectic one for me, but thoroughly enjoyable! I thought I would share with you what has been going on in my life for the past two days 🙂

So Saturday morning me and my mum popped into town for a few errands, I also bought some stuff which will be featuring in Wednesday’s post, we sat outside at a nice little cafe and just enjoyed the day (before the rain came). We then came home and I started to get ready for my friends birthday party. I can get quite anxious about social situations and I wouldn’t really know anyone there apart from the birthday girl herself obviously, so I was a bit nervous to start with but after a couple of drinks, I have to say I actually had the best time!  All the girls there were really nice, the rain stayed away mostly, but by that point no one really cared about a spot of rain haha. So yeah, it was really good night, I finally crawled into my own bed at about half one happily content.

Its fair to say the next morning I felt a little off, but after a couple of paracetamol and a good portion of scrambled egg on bagel I felt much better! I then, for some stupid reason decided to let my parents drag me off to the coast for  the afternoon, where it was incredibly windy and a little cold. However I did enjoy myself, watching people get soaking wet from waves was a personal highlight. Here are some pic’s I took:

'Verity' Statue by Damien Hirst
‘Verity’ Statue by Damien Hirst



Crochet poppies :)
Crochet poppies 🙂



From the top!
From the top!
The view from a little chapel
The view from a little chapel














As you can see from the way my images are displayed, I can’t get wordpress to do what I want, if anyone has any tips, please let me know because it’s driving me mad!

Anyway hope you enjoyed this post, I hopefully will be back wednesday with a beauty related post, although I am going away from Wednesday afternoon so we will see how busy I am!

Lucy xxx


Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner (Review)

Hello again friends! Okay so I didn’t blog last week, I know I’m an awful human being, but lets be honest who actually noticed?

Anyway I’m back with what I was going to blog about last week and that is another review, this time a new eye liner I purchased! So in my local town’s Boot’s they have just started doing Smashbox and I was fairly excited, like a lot excited.  The first thing I got was one of their new Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liners as I was looking for a good waterproof liner and this seemed like a great product. I have to say looking at the reviews on the website, they’ve had some negative ones as apparently after a few weeks the tip has broken off and there’s no way to get more product out, but I haven’t had this issue yet.

I was on their website in thALWAYS SHARP WATERPROOF KOHL LINERe first place because I tried to take pictures of my liner and it was just not working so I thought I would just show you their pictures as they are a lot clearer and better than mine!

So this is what the product looks like, and I can say for sure it lives up to the ‘always sharp’ quote, and it literally does not budge from your eye once you’ve applied it . I got the colour french navy which obviously is not the colour here, its a lovely dark blue colour that looks almost black so if you’re looking for a subtle change this is for you!

As I said I haven’t had the problems some people have been having with the tip breaking off, but if I do in the next few weeks I will let you know! It’s also definitely waterproof which is great for us here and the great British weather! I love the colour and at the moment am loving using this product, it’s fairly pricey at £16.00 pounds, but at the moment worth it for a great, waterproof, precision liner.

9/10 definitely!

I’m sorry again that I missed a week, was feeling a little down but have been working hard to cheer myself up, talk soon!

Lucy xxx