Dream Winter Boot Collection! (Pixie Footwear)

Dream Winter Boot Collection! (Pixie Footwear)


Here we are in winter and although the weather has been pretty mild around these parts lately, it still means we girls want to change up our shoe collection from pretty little sandals and pumps to more cosy, sturdy boots and shoes.

So today I have compiled a ‘wish list’ from a beautiful, high quality woman’s boot company Pixie Footwear. They are super cute, super quality and super affordable! Here’s what they have to say about them on their website…

‘Pixie was launched in 2011 by Steve Trigg, a well established footwear designer and manufacturer for over 30 years. Steve is based in UK and our whole collection is designed inhouse. We then manufacture to the highest standard in China.

At Pixie we pride ourselves on making excellent quality boots that will feel like you’re wearing slippers. Our designs are all fully faux fur lined, right down to the toes, giving a warm and super comfy feel.

Our aim is to offer cutting edge designs, together with uber comfort, for the very best look and feel. Team your Pixie’s with skinny jeans, leggings or tights and you’ll never look back.’

So lets get on with my wish list from this great company!

  1. Heidi Camel 

This is for ladies that prefer a flat winter boot without giving up the stylish look we all want! The Heidi Camel is the perfect cross between comfort and warmth, I mean just look at them, I want my feet in them right now! I also love the tassel detail at the back and I love the colour, although if you don’t they also do these in a grey! Perfect! As well as all this they are an affordable £69.95

Heres what they have to say about them on their website…

‘An Evolution Of Pixie’s Rosie Boot, Heidi Offers A Modern Approach To A Classic Mid-Height Style. With Thick Over-Sized Laces Up The Back Of The Leg, Two Tassels And Lashings Of Warm Cosy Fur, This Boot Is A Statement In Style And Warmth.’

2. Emily Berry

So you want an ultra modern, sweetly simplistic, comfy as winter boot but want the sexiness of a wedge? NO PROBLEM! These Emily boots are utterly gorgeous! I LOVE the colour, (but also comes in grey, mink and navy), I can just imagine wearing these with a dress and tights, or skinny jeans and a jumper, almost anything and again they are so comfy, its like you’re not wearing a heel. These ones are £64.95.

‘Emily’s Minimalist Design And Fresh Range Of Colours Includes Navy, Mink, Berry And Grey. This Fully Faux -Fur Lined Boot Combines The Warmth And Comfort Associated With Pixie’s Range Of Flat Boots, With The Glamour Of A Wedge.’

3.  Tammy Camel

These are quite possibly my favourites! I love the wedge, I love the lace up detail and think these would just look AMAZING with a casual day dress and tights, so cute! These for me are the perfect match of comfort and style, they are not too girly but still give you a classy feminine edge. All for £69.95.

So there you have it, my wish list from the brilliant people at Pixie Footwear! I highly recommend you go and check them out and with FREE DELIVERY, you’d be mad not to have a look!

Let me know what you think of these boots and which ones you’d pick!

Don’t forget to also follow them on all their social media sites for updates!

Twitter: @PixieFootwear_
Facebook: Pixie
Instagram: @pixiefootwear
Pinterest: Pixie Footwear 

Speak soon,

Lucy xxx


Winter Look Book: Skinny Jeans and Fluffy Coats…

Winter Look Book: Skinny Jeans and Fluffy Coats…

Hi there!

Hope everyone is good! So I thought today I would share my first winter look book with you all!

I love simple pieces that I can wear again and again and with anything, with a few statement items to jazz it up. I also went a little crazy today and bought myself a new coat from Topshop which I am IN LOVE WITH! I was very lucky with it as it was on the last chance to buy rail and, after a quick check online, I found it is sold out in every size except 14! I will leave the link below for if they come back in stock!

Meanwhile here are the photo’s! Sorry they aren’t the best quality, it was dark by the time I got home to photograph them! 😦  (It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…!)



Faux Fur Coat-Topshop: http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/coats-4680353/faux-fur-colour-block-coat-4910413?bi=1&ps=20

Jeans-Topshop: http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/jeans-446/jamie-skinny-jeans-4300112/moto-black-jamie-jeans-4575923?bi=1&ps=20

Jumper-Topshop: Quite awhile ago, they have other colours in store though, so may still be in stock somewhere!

Shoes-Converse, loads of places to get these!


Love Lucy xxx

Assignments, Winter Balls & Christmas is coming!

Assignments, Winter Balls & Christmas is coming!


We are officially in one of the best months of the year, December! We all know why that is, CHRISTMAS! Can I get a whoop whoop!

I now have only one week to go until I break up from uni for christmas after having submitted my last assignment till January last week, and although I CAN’T F-ING WAIT, I will also miss my friends whilst I’m not there. Its been a long, but also life changing twelve weeks!

In the last week I also got back my marks from my first piece of coursework. I wasn’t particularly happy with them initially I’m not going to lie, but that was certainly the perfectionist coming out in me. I think I was most upset about feeling I’d let myself down, reading it back I could tell why I’d got a lower mark than I wanted. However with some perspective I can now say I didn’t do badly at all! It was my first piece of uni work and I’d had a hard couple of months settling and should be proud of myself for even just being there!

I also have room to improve which is always good and I could let it knock me down but I will pick myself up and eagerly await my next marks! :/

Apart from that, a good week! I went to my Winter Ball at SWX in Bristol which was great! I’m not a massive nightclub person, but I throughly enjoyed letting my hair down with some brilliant people! I also went along to UWE’s Christmas fair and got my face painted which was cool!

Here are some pictures from the last week:


Term 1, friends, work and experiences…

Term 1, friends, work and experiences…


Okay, I know I’m horrible, its been TWO MONTHS since I last posted anything! However I have some good reasons!

So I’m still at uni, which may be a surprise to some of you that know about my anxiety and my experiences last year of uni… But I’ve almost survived a whole term! And the longest term at that! I’m actually really quite enjoying it and although I am home every weekend, I think I should celebrate the progress I’ve made and I think thats an important motto for everyone.

Stop focusing on your failures and appreciate your successes, however small, and however personal they may be to you.

I’m not saying its been easy and I literally can’t wait for the christmas holidays! But I’ve come so far in these twelve weeks (still 2 to go!) and even pessimistic me can see the difference, and its good. Of course I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of my friends and family, especially my amazing mum and dad that have been there every single step of the way. Thank you so much.

Moving on I should be getting back into blogging as I am currently writing this on my new MacBook! Ahhh! Which will make it so much easy to blog on the go and keep you up to date with my goings on and adventures!

For know I will leave you with some pictures from the last term and I hope everyone thats started uni this year is settled and enjoying themselves! Just live life for yourself!

Speak soon, Love Lucy xxx


Twenty Things for Twenty!


So I haven’t really properly addressed the fact that I am now officially no longer a teenager. I turned twenty on September the 20th and we are already in October?! What?!

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll already know but I don’t think I’ve done anything birthday related on my blog this year. It’s been a hectic few weeks and on top of everything that’s been going I am now horrendously ill 😦 #PityMe

However I thought I would do a fun little post inbetween uni work, called Twenty things for Twenty, meaning I’m going to tell you 20 things about myself that maybe you didn’t know! So lets go!

  1. I’m currently studying English at UWE in Bristol.
  2. Green tea is like the only hot drink I drink, and I drink A LOT of it.
  3. I actually really enjoy playing video games, especially survivalist ones.
  4. I can’t cook, just not a skill that comes naturally to me!
  5. My favourite colour is either deep, emerald green or turquoise blue.
  6. Autumn is my favourite season!
  7. Apparently I have really long fingers, everyone is always saying so! lol!
  8. I LOVE The Walking Dead!
  9. I used to HATE my curly hair, and I straightened it a lot.
  10. When I was younger I always wanted to work on Checkouts, until I did and realised I HATED IT!
  11. If you didn’t know I have an older brother who is 24 and the most annoying person I know.
  12. My favourite UK city is probably either London or Bristol.
  13. My favourite city in the world is either New York or L.A….or San Fransisco…..I JUST LOVE AMERICA!
  14. I love Tom Hiddleston & Eddie Redmayne in equal amounts, I think they are amazing!
  15. Tamla Kari will always hold a special place in heart, she’s funny, caring, beautiful and has really put a smile on my face when I’ve been down. She’s brilliant what she does and, yeah,  you go Tamla!
  16. I get cold very easily and hate it!
  17. I love Halloween, its one of my fave holidays!
  18. I’ve recently gotten into horror films, having absolutely hated them before!
  19. 10 Things I Hate About You and The Breakfast Club will forever be brilliant films!
  20. I am besotted with my dog, Rudie who is now seven! And my family, who I love dearly!

And there you go, 20 things about me! I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you all soon!

Lucy xxx

OOTD: Autumn has come!

OOTD: Autumn has come!


So to celebrate being officially in Autumn here in the UK now, I thought I would do a little shoot of an outfit I wore out the other day.

I really like this outfit and my makeup that I did. Let me know your thoughts!!

I’m sorry this is a short post in terms of writing, but I hope you enjoy, sometimes its just nice to browse some photos!










Jumper & Pinafore dress: Urban Outfitters http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/index.jsp

Hat & Wings Bangle: Topshop http://www.topshop.com/?geoip=home

Purple Tights: M&S  http://www.marksandspencer.com/

Rings & Hamsa Hand Bracelet: Pandora http://www.pandora.net/en-gb

Watch: Seksy http://www.seksy.co.uk

Boots: I’m not sure, but I could find out!

Let me know if you want to know about the makeup, the Bronzer was Benefit’s  https://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk/ Hoola Bronzer and the lipstick is Kate Moss Rimmel’s 107 🙂

Please feel free to leave a comment, it really makes my day! 😀

Lucy xxx

A Little Life Update…


So I actually wanted to do this post a few days ago, I was aiming on doing a post every couple of days detailing my transition into uni life. However…

Things have been pretty tough for me the last couple of weeks. I have been back and too between uni and home so much that I know the route by heart. I’ve found it incredibly difficult to overcome my anxiety especially the social side of it. There have been times I couldn’t even get out my room to go to the kitchen.

I am currently at home writing this post, having a day to really think about what I want to do. What I need to do for me. Its been doubly difficult because everyone has been so supportive and kind, maybe that’s half the problem. If my parents just said, ‘you’re staying here, we’ll see you on Friday’ maybe that would be different. I don’t know. But what I do know and trust sometimes it feels I am, but I am not alone in this.

Many people find the transition of being away from home, starting a new chapter of education and having to learn to live with people that you may or may not get along with really tough. And it is! I think it is really underestimated by some just the sheer panic and terror that it can bring on.

When I’m in the situation all I want to do is get out. But when I’m out of the situation I can see things a little clearer, and I almost want to go back and give it another go. But every time I come home, maybe I’m just setting myself back and I’m not giving myself time to make bonds with these people. See how hard it is? You can never understand it until you there and struggling with what I am struggling with.

I often say to others, ‘you would hate to be inside my head.’ Because I know I do! I need to make some decisions and stick to them. I need to start making myself little goals and really putting some effort into it.

I started my lectures yesterday and it was okay, nothing awful happened, but I have to think if I want to do that for three years?

Anyways, I just wanted to update you on where I was in life. I also think I have another UTI but you probably didn’t need to know that. I hope you are all well and if you are ever struggling don’t hesitate to contact me!

Love, Lucy xxx