So I have most likely done posts on green tea in the past, simply because I am a little bit obsessed with it, so on my recent visit to TKMaxx I was ecstatic to find more of the Touch Organic range.

I’ve had the green tea in bags and their loose leaf green tea before and loved them so when I found this cute little gift set, there was no question, I had to buy it!

So basically within the set you got a mini pot of their Classic Green Tea- Chun Mei, a mini pot of their Sencha Green Tea and a gorgeous diffuser mug all in a cute little tea crate.

I love Green tea and although some people only drink it for health benefits, I genuinely like the taste! Its really the only hot drink I drink so I drink a lot of it!


I would highly recommend you look out for Touch Organic teas in TKMaxx next time you’re in or you can also buy them on amazon! There are numerous health benefits for green tea, but I also think it just tastes really nice! My favourite though has to be lemon green tea! Yum!

Love, Lucy xxx




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