Bring On The Night by Bare Minerals

Hello again! ūüôā

So now I’ve had a chance to try out the kit ‘Bring On The Night’ by Bare Minerals I thought I’d talk you through the kit and tell you a little about each piece and what I think of it, enjoy! By the way its also my first bit of Bare Minerals make up so its fair to say I was very excited ūüôā

Okay so firstly, this is what it looks like…

It’s ¬£45.00 but at the moment in Debenhams its only ¬£30.00!

In the kit you get 8 pieces,

* Original Mineral Veil finishing powder
* Queen Phyllis Matte Eyecolour
* bareMinerals Ready eyeshadow GuestStar and Uncensored
*Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara in intense black
*Beauty Blush
*bareMinerals Ready Luminizer in The Daydream
*Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Glamorista
*Mini Flawless Face Brush

You also get a little booklet explaining how to create the makeup look and where to put each product, which I always like!

So the first thing to put on is the Mineral Veil, which looks like this, its the same one whatever shade your skin but if you buy itP1080666 individually they do other shades. I haven’t used this as much as I have other products like it I’m using up but its a powder (obviously Lucy, duh!) but its really light and translucent just to finish and set your makeup.

Next in the little instructions is to start our eyes and firstly we put on the Queen Phyllis Matte Eyecolour which I have been loving! I love it with this kit but I’ve used it a lot on its own since I got it as just a base for any look or even on its own. It’s just a really light, matte colour that looks really nice.


Next up we have the eyeshadow duo Gueststar and Uncensored,¬†we first start with Gueststar (On the left)¬†which again I have been loving, its such a lovely bronzy gold colour which on its own would be perfect for summer. But with the kit you put this all over your eye lid ūüôā


I looked on debenhams website and I couldn’t find this particular set online, but it might be on the actual bareMinerals website.

The other eyecolour in this set is uncensored which is a dark, glittery indigo colour to put in the crease of your eye to contour.

Next up, use the Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara which I haven’t actually tried because I’m trying to use up the mascara I’m using at the moment before I start a new one.P1080674


You can’t see it very well on the picture but the actually mascara head is like a spiral, which I haven’t actually seen anything like this before and it looks pretty good, so I am excited to give this a go. ūüôā


Then we have the Beauty Blush which on first glance looks quite a reddy blush, like a real kind of deP1080663ep rosey colour and trust me you don’t need a lot! Like at all. Just a little bit and swirl it onto the apples of your cheeks and it gives a nice pinky glow.

Sorry for the pretty crappy picture, but my camera doesn’t like photographing things up close and if I shot it the other way round, there’s like a plastic lid thing covering the powder so you don’t get a true sense of the colour anyway.

Coming towards the end now, you’ll be probably happy to hear, we have the bareMinerals Ready Luminizer in The Daydream¬†which is a beautiful light pink, it has like a hint of shimmer in it too and it just looks lovely swept across your cheek bones ūüôā¬†P1080669

Its a nice bit palette too so you can get a nice fluffy brush in there to get the colour out.

Also just like to say all the powders are really soft and blendable too, always a bonus. ūüôā

Last and by no means least, because this is probably my favourite product from the kit, we have the Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Glamourista. I really like their lipglosses, just by this one. It’s a really sticky, but like not too ‘wet’ gloss, it really stays on your lips and the colour is like a beautiful mix of shimmery, almost like a light raspberry colour. It has to be seen to be believed P1080676my friends ūüėČ







And that marks the end of the Bring on The Night kit by bareMinerals!

I can officially say I really like this kit, the colours are made for a night out, but could quite easily be worn on an everyday basis, with just slight variation. My favourites would have to be the lipgloss, the mineral veil and the Queen Phyllis matte eyeshadow but everything is really nice and I will certainly use. If you get the chance definitely try it out, or just any pieces by bareMinerals because they are really good! ūüôā

Talk soon! Lucy xxx



A braid up do, revision and Twitter…

So today I thought I’d go back to a little bit of a chatty post tonight and just talk through what I’ve been up to in the last few days :)So firstly yesterday I posted on my twitter that I was actually happy with my hair for once and this was thanks to Zoella from youtube, I love her videos and recently she did a how to video on a braid up do. I decided to give it a try not really expecting much at all because these things never seem to work with my hair. However it actually turned out pretty ok, this is what it looked like…

Braid up do!
Braid up do!

So yeah, pretty, pleased with it, this is the best pic of it as I kind of did fail to hide the ends of the braids but the downside of this image is that you can see my face.

I’ve been pretty stressed recently with all the exams and revision and I’m sure every other person that is doing any kind of exam at the moment feels my pain, its a very stressful time. However I have now got my first exam over and done with and my next one is on Tuesday so I’m slowly trucking through them. ¬†So good luck everyone!

Finally I just want to express my love of Twitter at the moment. With all the bad stuff going around about social media and cyber bullying ¬†I think social media is seen in quite a bad light, but I actually really like Twitter especially, its a great place to meet people that share you’re interests and passions (fan girling!) and also interact with your idols.

Yeah, this was a very quick and short blog post but I will be doing another beauty one soon on a kit I bought recently, I just want to try it out a bit more first ūüôā

Much Love, Lucy xxx


Benefit Dandelion Blush and Gloss

So it has been a while chums, sorry! Today I have am going to talk to about my two newest Benefit products which are the Dandelion blush and matching lip gloss ūüôā

I am actually writing this post for the second time as WordPress decided to delete the last one I did, leaving me with just the first line, yep thanks for that.

But anyway, I went to a beauty evening on Tuesday at my local Debenhams and it was great, didn’t win anything on the raffle AGAIN, for like the third year, but I did pick up some little bits and bobs! ūüôā

So as soon as I got in I found myself in one of my favourite places, the Benefit counter. I have been meaning to buy one of there blushers for ages now as I ¬†haven’t really found one that suits me as much as there Coralista one, so initially I went in to buy that one.

However as usual when I actually get there and am confronted with all their beautifully presented products I have an urge to try something different and after a quick try of the Dandelion blush I was sold.

The Dandelion blush is a beautiful light, fresh pink colour, that I feel is perfect summer, it also says its a brightening face powder and so can be applied all over the face. On their website it says, This sheer ballerina pink face powder takes your complexion from dull to radiant with buildable color and just a hint of shimmer. Sweep it on cheeks as a soft blush or dust it all over face as a brightening finishing powder.

Dandelion blush by Benefit £23.50
Dandelion blush by Benefit £23.50

As you probably already know, Benefit is a little pricey, the blushers are ¬£23.50. But I think it’s well worth it ūüôā

Whilst I am still waiting for the new lip balms to come out (based on the lip tints) I am a little lip gloss lacking, having said that I did actually buy a BarryM one the other day…

So I decided to buy the matching lip gloss! It’s a lovely light sheer pink, with a lovely smell and texture which looks really fresh and neutral with a hint of colour.

Dandelion lip gloss by Benefit £14.50
Dandelion lip gloss by Benefit £14.50

Obviously it will look different on everyone’s lips but here’s what it looks like on mine…


So yeah, love these products and I am very happy with them, a definite 10/10 from me ūüôā If you have any of the blushers or lip glosses, leave me a comment on what you think, or if you just have any Benefit product, because as you know I love them!

Much Love, Lucy xxx



A bank holiday weekend in bed and not in a good way…

Hello blog readers!

Well, it has been a while hasn’t it? Yeah sorry about that. I’m¬† currently sat at my computer in my pyjamas and hoodie, (with the hood up) sniffing and coughing my¬†guts up, lovely. Yep I’m ill.

I haven’t been ill and this ill in quite a long time, but I¬†had a¬†feeling my luck was running out. I started with it¬†on Friday night,¬†I¬†had earache¬†and then came¬†the sore throat from hell.¬†I had two very sleepless nights with what felt like the contents of my head running out my nose and¬†swallowing razor¬†blades. I¬†went¬†to an out of hours doctor yesterday (bank holiday¬†Monday)¬†under¬†suggestion of my mother who basically just confirmed it was flu and I went back home with a ‘just rest and drink¬†plenty.’¬†This has turned into a bit of a moany post hasn’t it? Sorry.

Anyway I’m finally feeling a bit better and even though this will probably be a crap blog post I felt I should let everyone know what was going on as I’ve¬†been somewhat AWOL recently, unless you follow me on twitter, which I’m always on! ¬†I’m annoyed because I was supposed to have the last session of my photography exam earlier today¬†which I’ve now had to move to Thursday¬†morning¬†which was my only day off when I was going to catch up on the whole lot of revision I haven’t done.

Yeah…revision. I know you can’t revise, or not effectively anyway, when you feel awful and are clearly ill¬†but¬†that hasn’t stopped me¬†spiralling into a mini breakdown about how much revision I could have done in the three day weekend that I didn’t do. Even now as I’m sat here writing this I know I could probably do a little bit of revision, (well until I sneeze and blow my notes everywhere) but I just can’t motivate myself to do any. Maybe I’ve resigned myself to the fact I’m not going to do very well in these exams, but I still want to go to uni so I need¬† the UCAS points (don’t know if this is just an English thing, but basically some universitys don’t ask for specific grades, they ask for points instead which related to the grades you get, it sounds complicated and well, it is.).

Wow this has turned into a ramble, I guess I needed to get all my worries, fears and demons out my head and onto my blog. I do actually feel a little better now strangely enough.

Right, okay. I’m going to leave this odd, mini, not¬†very good, rambly post here¬†in fear it will continue on into just a¬†moan post.¬†So I¬†will leave it on a positive note and say that I promise I will¬†do a proper blog post soon! I hop everyone¬†is¬†coping with the exam season and¬†I’ll¬†speak to you¬†all¬†very soon! ūüôā

Lucy xxx