Morning Routine!!

Morning Routine!!

Heya! So I know I’ve missed a few blog posts, but I’ve just been focussing a little more on myself recently. However today I’ve got a sort of morning routine post for you! These are things I will do in a morning if I have the time and to be honest, if I’m in the mood, but I try to do them regularly.

So first thing I’d probably do is go downstairs and make myself a nice cup of tea, either a regular green tea, or one of my Neal’s Yard Remedies ones. Most likely a vitality, inner strength or detox for the morning and then the Night time one for before bed.


Staying with healthy, I’ve been trying to at least make my breakfasts more healthy, today I had a smoothie, made by my new smoothie maker!


This one contains, banana, vanilla frozen yogurt, oats and a splash of milk. We wanted to keep it simple this time as I’ve a habit of over loading them with ingredients!

Recently, since my first CBT session I’ve been taking some other active steps towards helping my anxiety and stress. I’ve downloaded a couple of apps, one called Headspace, and one called Calm. So next I would maybe work through an exercise on one of these apps.

IMG_0251 Headspace is a free app which after ten days of ten minute exercises you can choose to subscribe monthly or yearly to unlock the rest of its content. In the free level one, ten minute exercises Andy takes you through calming and breathing techniques to slowly train your mind to think a little more positive and generally de stress.

At the moment I’m enjoying using it, however the subscription for this one is quite expensive at £9.99 a month or £6.25 a month for 12 months.

IMG_0252The other one is Calm. This one again has proved pretty beneficial so far. Again its first two programs are free with the option then to subscribe to unlock further content. The voice is soothing but not patronising and it does make me feel better. For free you get the 7 Days of Calm program and the Calm program. There is A LOT of content to unlock with the pro version though and for a fraction of the price of Headspace.

This one is 67p a month is you subscribe for a year, so thats £7.99 each year. Which is almost the same as one month of Headspace. I’m still deciding what I’m going to do, but I do think these apps are useful, they aren’t for everyone, but its worth a go.

Using these apps in the morning just kind of sets me up for the day, but they can be used at any point.

I will then shower, get dressed and do whatever I need to do that day!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, see you all soon!

Lucy xxx


The Moment of Truth.

The Moment of Truth.

Hey there!

So if you are unaware the days are ticking down to my first session of CBT on Friday morning. I’ve had CBT before but it was quite a while ago now and I feel my anxieties have gotten a lot worse recently, so I’m really hoping this will help a great deal.

CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which aims to change the way you think about certain things and thus change your behaviour towards it. I still don’t talk to a lot of people about it, I’m definitely a suffer in silence kind of person. As well as being excited that this might be a turning point in my life I am also extremely nervous. Nervous it won’t work, or I won’t want to go, or that they’ll judge me, but I know this its self is my anxiety coming out to play.

I still think I’m gaining tiny amounts of confidence now and again, through work and pushing myself to just take little steps out my comfort zone. For instance I wore heeled boots out the other day which I haven’t done in so long because I feel too tall and that people will stare or laugh.


I hope anyone else out their suffering with anxiety doesn’t feel embarrassed to seek help because we all need a little help sometimes.

Lucy xxx

Neals Yard Remedies-Herbal Teas

Heya! So I’m back talking about Neal’s Yard Remedies again, but this time its their herbal teas! IMG_0090This is just four I bought when they were in the sale for £2.99 each. Here is the Detox tea, the Night Time tea, the Inner Strength tea and the Vitality tea. I have to say they do have very interesting and diverse tastes, but they do just generally feel healthy (if that makes any sense at all) and I’ve enjoyed drinking them.

I do believe the Inner Strength one has been defending me against getting a full on cold.


As you can see they come in cute little packets and as its been so cold recently I’ve loved coming in from walking the dog to a nice warm cup of tea! I’ve always had a lot of digestion and stomach issues and do really believe these have been helping.

Lucy xxx

Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

Hey there!

I know there have been almost to many reviews on this product but my mum had it lying around unused and I thought I would steal it away and try it for myself, see what all the hype is about.


I can kind of see what the excitement is about, I mean it is an amazing product. It’s simple and easy to use which is a major reason I mostly stick to face wipes, just for ease and quickness. However this is pretty quick too! You literally just put 1-2 pumps into your hand and then rub that all over your face, middle towards the edge, breaking up all the makeup and grime on your face, then rinse the cloth in hand hot water, ring it out first so it’s damp not wet and then wash it off!

Simple! And it really does leave your face feeling soft and refreshed, and just really…clean. Apart from one spot I can feel starting to protrude out my face, it’s kept my skin pretty spot free and my skin does look healthier too!

It’s just a really nice product to use, it feels nice, smells nice and has a touch of luxury about it, so you do feel like you’re indulging your face, which lets face it, our faces deserve! haha. With all the awards it won I was hoping it was good!

It is isn’t the cheapest product out their, but its not crazy pricey. I highly recommend checking it out on their website!

Lucy xxx

A Cold Wind, Wild Ponies and Hot Tea….

A Cold Wind, Wild Ponies and Hot Tea….


So todays blog is just a little life update really, its what I did on the last couple of days off work last week. My mum was still feeling quite rough by the end of the week but we managed to get out onto the Quantocks to walk my little doggie for a bit!

Here are a few snaps my mum took whilst we were up there, it was so cold I gave her charge of the camera!









Ooh I have to say I was happy to get back into a nice warm, cosy car after that, it was chilly up there! It was really nice to clear the cobwebs out though, and Rudie loves a good walk!

Do you enjoy getting out in the countryside? Or are you more of big city person, I have to say I’m kind of both! haha

Lucy xxx

The Theory of Everything Review


So I’m doing something a little different today, something I don’t think I’ve done before and for good reason. I am not a film critique, I don’t profess to have really intelligent, profound things to say about certain films out of the fear of rejection and such. However, I couldn’t not share my thoughts on this amazing film.

The Theory of Everything is a basically a film telling the story of Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde. Of course the main thread of the story is Stephen’s heart wrenching battle with Motoneuron Disease, and all the ways he over comes it through his life. It also shows us Jane’s own personal struggle and devotion and the whole film is just so personal and beautiful.

At moments it had me close to tears, of course for example when Stephen finds out about the disease, and others it had me laughing out loud. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is a truly stunning film, with the soundtrack equally stunning, I’ve been listening to it non stop since!

A lot of this is down to the incredible actor’s and actresses in it. Felicity is amazing, but I have to say personally, Eddie Redmayne in this is breathtaking. I’ve seen him in quite a few other roles, all of which have been great, but this is something else. You really just forget who he is and completely believe he IS Stephen Hawking. The way he portrays him and his slow decline in health is truly brilliant.

As I say these are just my personal opinions, but I urge you to go and see this film because I thoroughly enjoyed it and would see it again any day!

Lucy xxx

A Walk On The Beach!

A Walk On The Beach!


So this week me and my parents have all had a week off, I’d planned loads of fun things to do but my mum has been really poorly so we’ve actually hardly been out the house until yesterday!

We decided to go for a nice walk on the beach, West Bay in fact, where they filmed Broadchurch 🙂 I was also testing out my new camera which if you’re interested is the Canon Power Shot SX510 HS. Here are a few shots I took on the beach…








We then went into Lyme Regis and had a quick look round before the shops shut!



We found this amazing book shop, filled with old books and antiques, it was awesome!


It was such a lovely day, the sun was shining and we ended the day with a portion of good old fish and chips!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I love getting out in the fresh air and taking a few snaps!

Lucy xxx