My Travel Dreams…


So today I am going to share with you some of my travelling dreams!

As you may or may not know I am on a gap year between college and uni after quite a traumatic experience at uni which I’m still not a 100% ready to talk about online. However I am trying to think of the benefits and positives this year will bring.

One of those is that it will give me time to possibly go places that I really want to go. Obviously I am rolling in money but I am currently working and have made few plans for a Europe trip, which will be slightly cheaper than for example America because its closer. Whether this will ever happen because of my anxieties, or whether it will happen at a different time, or split into different trips, I don’t know. But I thought I would share with you some of the places I would like to visit on this trip and why! A girl can dream, can’t she?!

First up would have to be Amsterdam.

Canal. Amsterdam. Netherland
Credit-Google Images

It is the capitol of The Netherlands and I’ve also thought it a really beautiful and interesting place. Of course it has been quite popular recently featuring in a certain film 😉 but it’s also full of culture and like beauty with its amazing canals and buildings.

Next is Prague!

Credit-Google Images
Credit-Google Images

Again the beauty and culture is the main thing that attracts me to Prague, it’s also where one of my favourite TV shows is filmed, The Musketeers so I would love to see what it’s really like there. It is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic.

Then onto….Krakow in Poland!

Credit-Google Images
Credit-Google Images


The main reason I want to go here is to visit Auschwitz. I’ve always been very in history, especially events of humans inflicting pain on other humans, and how we ever got to that point. I’m not brilliant at explaining it, but I just think these type of events in our history should be remembered so they are not repeated, like WW1 and WW2 which is why I visited France and Belgium last year to visit the battlefields and cemeteries.

Next up! Budapest!

Credit-Google Images
Credit-Google Images

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and a relatively new addition to my plan. It has some brilliant architecture and things to see and do which is why I added it in, also it’s simply somewhere I’ve never been!


Credit-Google Images
Credit-Google Images

I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. I’ve been to France quite a bit, but never to their capital. I want to see the Eiffel Tower, go to The Louvre, walk down the Champs-Élysées, visit Notre Dame de Paris, there is so many things I want to see in Paris, so it is definitely on the list!

And that’s it at the moment! As I said it is still very much a dream, I want to go, but I want to go when I can really enjoy it and be a little care free!

Let me know if you’ve ever gone round Europe, where you went, what you did, or if you haven’t would you like to?

Lucy xxx


Taunton’s Xmas Markets Haul!

Hey there!

The other day I went to my own towns christmas market and light switch on thing for the first time! And of course I bought a few things, I only bought three things, but they are quite different to what I would normally pick and are in some ways quite far out my comfort  zone, but I really like them!

First up was this pretty zany hoodie, I really liked the patterns and colours in this and these kind of jackets have really long sleeves which is always good for me! My mum told me she lived in one of these when she was a student and I can see me doing the same!

This was a £10, so I thought it was quite a bargain!



Next up we have this shirt from Superdry, I just put in over the top of the shirt I had on, but I would wear it on its own, with maybe just a camisole underneath.

This was £20 but I thought it was unusual with the zip down the front and again I liked the subtle colours. You can also have the sleeves rolled down.




Finally, possibly my favourite is this!



I have never had a poncho before and this just hit me as soon as I saw it. I LOVED the colours, they are so me and it’s lovely and cosy and surprisingly for me I thought it was quite flattering. This was £22 but I think I’ll be getting my moneys worth out of it over the winter months!

I hope you enjoyed having a little nosy at what I bought, have you got a poncho? Do you like/wear it?

Lucy xxx

Topshop Tall Jamie Jeans Review


So I have officially found my perfect pair of jeans, I LOVE THEM! Obviously I had to get them in a long leg because of my height but finally I found them and I love them sooooo much!

They are from Topshop and are the High Waisted Tall Ripped Jamie Jeans. Here’s what they look like….



They have rips in both knee’s and a small almost heart shaped rip on right leg, but as you can see that is covered by the threads underneath.

They were £42 so quite pricey and thats the only negative to these jeans, but for me it was totally worth it! They are really soft and so stretchy so they are very comfy to wear, in fact I wore them for a four car journey!

I would highly recommend these jeans, especially for the taller lady as they fit me perfectly and I always struggle with jeans. So yeah, go have a look! You won’t be disappointed!

And for the exact jeans:

I am also wearing my asda black ankle boots and a giraffe crop top from Newlook 🙂

Lucy xxx

Pure Indulgence Soaps Review…

So I have another review/haul type post for you today!

I bought this at the Christmas markets in Manchester on last Thursday and I have been really enjoying using them! 🙂

So basically for £10 you got to choose three soaps, a bath bomb and one of these really cool sponges filled wP1090571ith soap in silver, red or gold box. As you can see I chose silver…

P1090572This is what it looks like inside, you even got a little gift tag for if you were giving it as a present.

So the three soaps I chose were these….


The yellow one is out the bag because I’ve been using it and let me tell you, it’s amazing! It’s lemon sherbet scent and it lathers sooo easily and smells just so good! I love it! The blue/purple one is a lavender scented one for calming and relaxing which I always need haha! And the pink one with the little white angel is there special christmas scent, which kind of smells like sweet, christmassy….its hard to describe without you smelling it! But its good!

I then just grabbed a bath bomb, this doesn’t really smell of anything in particular, just very clean and fresh.P1090574

Then for me, my favourite thing which I have never seen before is a soap filled sponge! I chose this blue one which smells like bubblegum, oh my god it’s soooo amazing!!! I can’t wait to use this! I love it!!



I hope you enjoyed this blog post, you can go and check out Pure Indulgence Soaps’ website here

I would highly recommend them as they are so lovely, lather so easily and are very reasonable in price!

Lucy xxx


MAC Glaze Lipstick in Hue

So on my trip up North recently I found myself in House of Fraser which I immediately saw had a MAC counter.

I have a couple of MAC products but have always really wanted to try one of their famous lipsticks so me and mum scoured their many colours and shades. I knew I wanted a nude colour, something light I could wear everyday and I settled with the shade Hue.

P1090562So as I said I knew I wanted a nude shade, but something still a little different from what I usually would wear. I settled on the shade Hue which is like a light baby pink.

Its definitely on the pink side of nude colours, but its very subtle, very sweet and I think it would look really good with a sultry eye to harden it up a bit.

It goes on really well and feels very smooth and moisturising on my lips which is always a plus, it doesn’t feel like its drying my lips out.

I also tried putting a bit of Benefits  Dandelion powder over the top as its basically the same colour which looked really nice and turned it into a matt lipstick.




The matt effect didn’t show up that well on camera so this is just a picture with the lipstick on by itself. I really like this colour and hopefully will be wearing it a lot! They are pricey at £15.50 each but I think they are worth it once in a while 🙂

Lucy xxx









A Northern Road Trip: Blackpool, Manchester Xmas Markets & Merseyside…


So I’m back from up north, we mainly went up to see my gran and sort through some of my late grandparents flat but we also fitted some other stuff in too which I thought I would share with you lovely people! 🙂

So we arrived in Lytham St. Annes (about a mile from Blackpool, but I always just say Blackpool to people because they never know where Lytham is!) on Wednesday night so we just had some food with my gran and then went to bed, but we decided to go into Altrincham (which is where my gran used to live, and got married etc) and then go on into Manchester to check out the christmas markets the next day. 🙂

Now if I haven’t mentioned it before, I love Manchester. I don’t know what it is, maybe because I’m originally from that area, or just that I love big city atmosphere, but I just love it! So I was sooooo excited to go back and see the xmas markets!

So the next morning we headed out to Altrincham first….

This is the church where my Granny's family is buried and where she got married :)
This is the church where my Granny’s family is buried and where she got married 🙂
My mum and my gran.
My mum and my gran.

We then popped into the pub across the road where my grans dad used to go and had some lunch, it was AMAZING by the way! I had a cheddar cheese and ale chutney sandwhich, yummy!

We then headed off into Manchester city centre! Woo yeah! After the slight stress of finding a car park and seeing the prices for it, we headed towards the markets!

China town!
China town!

We passed Chinatown and the gay village and everywhere just had such a nice atmosphere 🙂 However I started to need the loo (typical Lucy) so we popped into Manchester’s Art Gallery and I’m so glad we did! I love art galleries anyway so I felt right at home straight away.

They had like a fashion exhibition on so we walked round that a bit, now you know how much I love fashion, and these were like vintage dresses, so I LOVED IT!IMG_0024




IMG_0022 IMG_0020

IMG_0021    I am also very interested in WW1 and any warfare really and they had a ‘Sensory War’ exhibition going on upstairs which I’d actually seen the posters for outside, so we went to check that out too.

There were some really hard hitting pieces of art and photography which made you appreciate what you have and makes you very grateful and respectful of the people that are out there fighting wars. It was actually quite emotional, but I like art and photography like that, that have a meaning behind them, to get a reaction.


So when we’d finished in the art gallery we continued on our way to the markets. Manchester really is a beautiful city, here are some more shots I took on the way…IMG_0195       IMG_0195




Finally we made it to the markets!IMG_0199



The Town Hall Ceiling :)
The Town Hall Ceiling 🙂



I bought some lovely soaps at the market (Review to come) but mostly I just enjoyed looking. 🙂

We went into House Of Fraser for a coffee where I may have bought my first MAC lipstick (Review/description to follow in another post!) and then we decided to head back to the car 🙂

IMG_0211 IMG_0212


Some more pics outside Chinatown on the way back!

And that was it! The next day we just cleared the flat and then headed into Merseyside to see an old uni friend of my mums. It was nice to see her laughing about old times and her friend (Suzie), her children and husband were really nice and welcoming so that was fun.

However stopping off there meant we didn’t get home until 3am, so sorry for the late blog post today, I haven’t been awake long!

Hope you enjoyed this slightly longer post than normal! Let me know what you think!

Lucy xxx

Why I love Charity Shops!

Hey there!

So on one of my trips to town recently I went into my local PDSA which is a charity for animals and I found something gorgeous! I’d sort of forgotten just how much I like having a good old browse through the charity shops because you can find some real gems and its for charity! Bonus!

You don’t always find lots of good things, and you might find none, but the other day I found one thing that I love and I thought I would share it with you!


These pyjamas! They are originally from Monsoon and we all know how expensive Monsoon clothes are! But in the charity shop they were really cheap, I can’t remember how much exactly. They were basically new and just look how cute they are!

They have quite a long leg as well which I always struggle to find in general let alone pyjamas! They are pale pink with a cute rose pattern all over them and I just LOVE THEM! They totally made me fall back in love with charity shops. You can also find really nice vintage gems in charity shops, I love looking and the jumpers!

So next time you’re in town take a look in the charity shops, you’re getting a bargain and its for charity!

Lucy xxx