My Struggle For a Good Pair of Jeans…

Or infact any piece of clothing that needs to be adjusted for a taller woman.

I am around 5 10/11”, I won’t let anyone tell me what my height actually is when they measure me, because I’m really self conscious about it.

It doesn’t help when I go into a shop and I simply have no choice when it comes to jeans, dresses or skirts. Many high street stores usually do a Tall range, but I have to go online and order them, which is such a hassle. I want to be able to try a pair of jeans, see if I like them and then buy them or not. If I have to go online, I have to order them, wait for them to come, try them on, and if I don’t like them I have to send them back and start the whole process again.

Its almost insulting that even in the smaller stores they have the petite but not the tall range. People are getting taller, its a fact, so why not cater to that? I have a number of pairs of jeans from Asda and Primark because at least they do a long leg, and they are actually good jeans. But it would nice once in a while to be able to go into a fashion store and buy a cool pair of jeans that fitted me well, with no bigger price tag just because I’m taller. I can’t help the way I am!

There’s been so many campaigns about getting ‘Plus’ sizes getting into high street fashion retailers but I think it should be the same with Tall. I feel almost weird seeing a pair of jeans I like in store and then having to go online to buy them, and to be perfectly honest I probably then forget to do that.

Basically what I’m saying is that the Tall ranges should be treated with equal importance as the Petite range or the Plus size range. I understand shops, especially the smaller stores, can’t stock every size of every range, but they should at least have a few, just for people to try.

Rant Over. Tell me what you think about this, and if you struggle with any particular sizing issues when it comes to high street shops.

Lucy xxx


I love Autumn….


We are now deep into the depths of Autumn so I thought I would list a few reasons why Autumn is probably my favourite season…

  1. Its when my birthday is! My birthday is on the 20th of September and even though it is technically Autumn, I’ve had some lovely sunny, warm birthdays. Even though this year I wasn’t really in a good place for my birthday I still like that its in Autumn.
  2. Kind of following on from this, it’s the fact that its a very ‘transitional’ and beautiful season. We are loosing the warm for a brisker breeze, swapping sandals for boots, sunnys for scarfs. Its so beautiful as the tree’s leaves start to turn golden and red, and then fall. And who doesn’t love to walk through a big pile of crunchy leaves?! Until you find a pile of dog poo…hahaIMG_0040
  3. As it gets colder we get new fashions and trends to try out, and I personally LOVE Autumn/Winter trends! You get to start wearing lovely cosy tights and leggings again,  hoodies and all those cute accessorises that you couldn’t in summer! The colours of these clothes as well is something that I really love about Autumn. Also the makeup! Its more acceptable to wear a berry lip for example, and I LOVE a berry lip! 🙂


4. It’s when Halloween is!! For someone who is not a lover of scary films, or really scary anything for that matter, I do love Halloween! I think it’s just such a fun time of year, and its become sort of a tradition for me and my bestie to do something on Halloween night each year, so that makes it doubly exciting! Carving pumpkins and all the decorations, whats not to love?!


5. As well as Halloween, we also have Bonfire Night in Autumn! This is another quite big    time of year for us as a family as my dad’s birthday is also on the 5th Of November, so its hard to forget! I love going to Bonfire’s and fireworks displays, I think they are just so enjoyable and as if you’re dressed appropriately with a nice cup of watery tea or hot chocolate, stood in the middle of probably a muddy field, you know you’re doing it right!


Thats about all I can think of right now, there’s probably more! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you’re favourite things about Autumn are in the comments! 🙂

Lucy xxx

Lush Haul! CHRISTMAS!!!!


So I finally managed to get into Lush on Saturday and bought a few little things! There have been quite a few of these posts but I thought I would share my personal favourites. 🙂


Melting Snowman Bath Melt £2.25

Up first we have the Melting Snowman Bath Melt. I’m writing this just after having a bath with this little beauty and by gum, its heaven! Haha. The smell! The feel! After having quite a stressful day at work, this was just what I needed. I haven’t had a lot of the bath melts, and if you’re not a fan of bubbles these are a lovely alternative. As the name suggests it is festively scented, with christmas spices, on the website it is described as ‘Warm up on cold days with this comforting Christmas spice-scented bath melt that helps you shake off festive fatigue. Made with enriching almond oil and cocoa butter, this is the only snowman you’ll enjoy watching melt away, leaving behind nothing but soft skin. Drop into your bath water and enjoy the warming essential oil blend that’s like bathing in a hot toddy.’ I would definitely agree!

Father Christmas Bath Bomb £3.50
Father Christmas Bath Bomb £3.50

‘A festive bath bomb to bring Santa’s presence into the bath. Once you pop this jolly bomb in your bath, it turns your water from bright red to vivid green. This year, Father Christmas will fill your bathroom with the popular sweet scent of Snow Fairy. All we want for Christmas is this Santa, baby!’ Just from this description I am so excited to use this, I love pretty much all the bath bombs Lush do, but this looks so fun. Firstly it smells amazing, its sweet, but not overpowering, just very festive, and again great for the skin!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar £2.75
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar £2.75

This is an old favourite. ‘Make bathtime an even sweeter time with this pink peak of a bubble bar. Crumble this under running water for mountains of glistening bubbles topped with a magical pink mist. The candy scent wafting through the steam includes Fair Trade vanilla absolute, wrapping you in a comforting embrace. If you like the fragrance of our Rock Star soap and Creamy Candy bubble bar, you’re in for a treat.’ The smell is sweet, and soooo additive, I could sniff it all day! It’s got a little sparkle to it, as I’m not a fan of loads of glitter. But the smell just totally makes up for that, its INCREDIBLE. You can’t describe it, I just love it!. This one creates lovely bubbles and a lovely girly pink bath!

So those are just the three things I picked up over the weekend, I really do love Lushes products, they are very good! I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

I would highly recommend their website for any query you might have, they have every product and a nifty little video in the header of each one showing what it does.

Lucy xxx


So today I have been feeling a touch nostalgic. I’ve been thinking about the past and how quickly things change, it feels only yesterday I was in the safety of School and even College and now I’m out in the scary world a little unsure of where I’m heading.

Friends have come and gone. Some I’ve fallen out with, some I just haven’t seen in a long time, its hard to meet up when you’ve all gone to different parts of the country.

I miss my happy childhood days, when the hardest decision I had to make was what new pencil case I wanted for the new school year. Of course it was stressful, college the most, exams, friendship, relationships. But you could still make mistakes because you were ‘growing up and learning’ now its not so easy to say that.

Time really does fly, it never stops, it never slows, its the one thing we can always count on, time will pass, whether thats a good thing or a bad thing.

At the moment I’m at a bit of a cross roads in my life and with my anxieties its proving difficult but I know I’ll get through it. We have to let go of the past because it can’t hurt us now and just look froward to the future. It can be hard, but good is always round the corner.

Lucy xxx

Cutesy, Hanging, Quote Home Decorations!

Hi guys!

So today I thought I would share my love of cute little hanging home decorations with lovely quotes on them with you! I just think these type of decoration really brighten up you’re home or bedroom and as a family we have a fair few! Some have greater significance than others, but all are fun and cute!










‘I love you to the moon and back’– a lovely quote anyway, but this has personal significance for me. My mum bought me this one as it’s what I used to say to her when she would ask me how much I loved her.

‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined.’- Again a really nice quote but also my mum this one at the same time as the other one. At the time, and still really, I needed a pick me up and to refocus on what my dreams are and what I want to be.

‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow’- I bought this a long time ago and  I still try and live by these three little sayings. I try to not hang on to the past, it can’t hurt you, but you can learn from it, you should live in the moment and keep hope alive for everyday.

‘Laundry, drop your pants here’- My mum bought this! It’s hanging on the door to our utility which is where our washing machine is so it’s just so funny. It has often made house guests chuckle!

‘Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a normal family.’- I bought this whilst I was in New York, I remember standing in the shop in Bubba Gump and just laughing to myself. I was a little bit homesick and I just thought it summed up my family perfectly!

Basically what this post is about is just how much I think these type of things can be really special. Especially if you buy them somewhere significant or they mean something to you personally or to someone else if you’re giving it as a gift!

If you would like to know where I got any of these signs from then don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the comments, and let me know what you think of these, as decorations and gifts.

I hope this post makes sense, I just think they are so cute and make great gifts, and remind you to love life!

Lucy xxx

I’m on Bloglovin!


So after actually making a Bloglovin account a fair amount of time ago, I have finally taken the plunge and have set it up properly!

And I am really pleased I have, its perfect for following all your favourite blogs, no matter what host they are with! It also comes with a brilliant and nifty little app, which is great for keeping up to date on the go!

You can find new friends, new blogs to read, and gain views and followers for your own blog!

I highly recommend you to give it a go, see what you find!

Lucy xxx

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Autumnal Makeup Look…

Hello again!

So today I thought I would share an autumnal makeup look with you 🙂 I know what you’re thinking, this has been done before, but I thought I would show you my take on it 🙂




These are the products I used to create this look, I will also list them below :)
These are the products I used to create this look, I will also list them below 🙂



  • Mini Flawless face by Bare Minerals
  • Fluffy brush by BarryM
  • Shadow Liner by Benefit

Face products:

  • Along Came Betty Radiance Moisturiser
  • Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack
  • Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer
  • Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20
  • Blending Sponge
  • Mac Studio Fix in NW22
  • Benefit Dandelion Brightening Face Powder
  • Urban Decay Baked Bronzer
  • B. Glowing Shimmer Block in 161 Just Peachy
  • Benefit High Beam


  • NYC (New York Colour) 818A Union Square
  • Mac False Lashes Extreme Black


  • Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Liner in Electrified
  • Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Live Large


I hope you like this makeup look, let me know what colours you like wearing in the autumn in the comments! 🙂

Lucy xxx