My New Obsession: Incense Sticks!

My New Obsession: Incense Sticks!


So I have found myself a new obsession and it is the alternative to the vloggers paradise, the candle and that is…….*drumroll* the incense stick!

We all know that a lot of people are obsessed with candles, especially for some reason the vlogging/blogging community. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good candle, but I have been using incense sticks more than I’ve been using candles and here’s a few reasons why.

Recently I’ve been trying out more spiritual, holistic ways of dealing with my stress and anxiety such as yoga, meditation etc. Along with this incense sticks are great as they can produce a wide range of not just beautiful smelling but also very calming and relaxing scents so I thought I would give them a go.

Here’s my collection so far….


They are a mix of simple scents to ones specifically designed for ‘meditation’ for example. I just really like the smell of incense sticks, they are obviously different to candles in the sense they do not really produce any light, they produce a small amount of smoke, depending on the type and are not as long burning.

Having said that you get a fair amount in a pack and packs are around the £1.25 so they are pretty cheap. I think you just have to be a certain person to like incense sticks, they have a distinct aroma and I just the atmosphere it can give a room.


So if you have never tried incense sticks I really recommend you do as they are just a nice change from candles once in a while!

Let me know what you think!

Lucy xxx


Current Brushes Collection!

Current Brushes Collection!


Today I thought I would share my current brushes collection! So these are brushes I’ve bought individually as in they weren’t part of a like a makeup set with eye shadows and stuff.

So first of all this is the container I keep them in…


its just from boots, and to be honest looking more closely at it I need a new one, it doesn’t remotely match the rest of my room.

So I think I’ll go from the ones use the most at the moment to the ones I use the least. So…

IMG_0275 IMG_0277

This is the Mini Flawless Face brush by BareMinerals. Thinking about it I did actually get this in a kit, sorry! Because of its size its perfect for travelling but it doesn’t compromise on the actual brush size. I use this brush the most, for blush, bronzer and general powder really.

This is just a BarryIMG_0280 M fluffy brush, this is the main brush I use for eye shadows as it just seems a good size for me and its nice and soft to blend.

I think this is one I need to replace as its very old and the bristles are starting to come out a bit.



Next up we have this Benefit Shadow Liner which I use a lot for just that, I have recently really enjoyed putting dark shadows on as liner and this is the perfect brush for that!

Then we have this one, which is a Benefit Hard Angle Brush.

IMG_0282 Again this one is good for shadow liner, or even for filling in your brows.

I really like this brush seeing as I didn’t really use it that much before.


Next up! This is, much to my dismay, my only Real Techniques brush! Its the Stippling Brush and I used it a lot when I first got it. I don’t use it as much now because I’ve changed what products I use but I still really like these brushes and need to buy more!

This I found really good for BB creams and light foundations.



Then we have another Benefit brush, this one is a foundation brush.


Again I have used this a lot in the past until I switched up my makeup routine. Again I feel this is a very useful brush to have especially if you wear foundation a lot.



This is the biggest brush I have and I used it on holiday to apply a body bronzer. Its got really soft bristles and is by GOSH. I again haven’t used it for a while but I can guarantee I’ll be using it during summer again.



This is another powder brush by Benefit. Its slightly smaller than the BareMinerals one which makes it good for highlighting or bronzing.


IMG_0288Finally I just have some other eye shadow brushes, the one on the left is a Fluff Shadow brush by Benefit and the other two I think came with the brush holder, so are by Boots.

And thats it! I really want to revamp my brush collection and invest in some better brushes, so watch this space! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll talk to you all soon!

If you have any makeup brush recommendations, do let me know in the comments!

Lucy xxx

George Ezra Concert!!

So on Tuesday I went to see George Ezra in Bristol and it was awesome!!
Firstly, a little about the venue!…. I love Colston Hall in Bristol because it’s small enough for it to be intimate and for you to feel close to the artist but just big enough for a good atmosphere at the same time. 😊

The support act was a guy called Raleigh Ritchie who is from Bristol originally but has now moved to London. He was brilliant!! He had so much energy on stage which really got the crowd going, exactly what you need from a support act! you’ll love him if you like poppy music with a strong drum beat. I would highly recommend going and seeing him if you can because I guarantee he will be big one day!

Then of course George Ezra came on and I loved his music before but oh wow! He is so good live, his voice is just so soulful and bluesy and he’s only 21! He also did a couple of covers including a Bob Dylan one, who is also one of his main musically inspirations. He is such a sweet, unassuming guy but you can tell he has a wicked sense of humour. I thoroughly enjoyed the night, I didn’t want it to end and it went so quickly! Again I would highly recommend seeing him if you get the chance because you will definitely enjoy it!

Here are some random shots I took on my phone, so quality is not tip top I’m afraid.






P.s I’m writing this for the second time after my account seemed to delete the first one from existence. That is why it is also so late in the day. Sorry.

Lucy xxx

New Old Makeup Review! Chanel Powder Blush

New Old Makeup Review! Chanel Powder Blush


Okay so today I’m doing something a little different and something I might even turn into a small series of sorts…yeah.

So basically what I’m going to do every week at some point is dig out a piece of mine or my mums makeup that we don’t use anymore or just at the moment and give it a go.

Today I went went into my mums room and as I haven’t actually used a proper blusher for quite awhile and I’ve never had any Chanel products I was drawn to this..



So as you can probably see this is a Chanel powder blush in the colour 46 Rose Défilé, which as far as I can see is no longer produced officially on the Chanel website unfortunately.

Like I said I haven’t been using a blush for quite a while, I used to use blusher quite heavily when I was younger and now seem to have gone the opposite way! I’ve actually been using a Shimmer block which has number of different, but similar shades in it. The one I’ve been using is from the B. range in Superdrug.

However back to Chanel! This blush is a beautiful almost dusty rose colour. Its not too pink, more orangey, brown tones to it with a light shimmer. I’ve found it quite pigmented when I’ve used it, but I think I’ve become a bit heavy handed!

It comes with a little brush but I haven’t been using that! The mirror is a good size to use on the go and all round I really like the flushed glow it gives my cheeks.

As it is a Chanel product its going to have a Chanel price tag. This is £31.00, which for me is certainly expensive for a blush even if it is a really nice texture, quality and colour.

I will enjoy using this until it runs out, but at the moment I don’t think I’ll be going and buying another one, simply because of the price tag, but you never know!

Do you have any high end products you just love? Have you discovered any lost treasures recently? Let me know!

Lucy xxx

Why I Actually Miss School….

Hey There!

So today I thought I would do a more chatty post and share with you some of the things I actually really miss about school!

  1. My Friends. I miss a lot of my friends from school, it was the consistency of seeing them everyday, knowing they were going to be there. Having time to talk to them and sharing a common goal. Now most of them are at uni and finding time to see each other is tougher than we thought.
  2. My Teachers. I had some amazing teachers at school. For example, I was predicted a D in maths when I first started secondary school and achieved an A. That was down to an amazing, young, fresh maths teacher that made maths fun. I also had another maths teacher who I just adored, and she became my mentor whilst I was there and suffering from anxiety.
  3. The Structure. I love structure, I like knowing what I’m doing, when I’m doing, whats going to happen etc. And school was just like that, you had a timetable, you very quickly knew where you had to be and when. It was the routine and the stability of it I liked. You knew where you were going, ultimately GCSE’s, but you had a goal, a sight.
  4. That Year 11 Feeling. I think year 11 was definitely my favourite year. Even though we were working hard for our GCSE’s we had a lot of fun too. We got to do more of what we wanted, especially in subjects such as P.E, which was compulsory, but when we got to year 11 teachers knew they couldn’t really force us into something we didn’t want to do. And in things like maths, we got to choose subjects to go over and revise which I liked. Plus, after four long years we were at the top of the school, the oldest, ready to move on, reluctant to leave.

And that is my small list of things I miss about school, there’s more, but I think these four main ones cover them. Even though there were some really hard times at school for me, bullies, anxiety, counselling, I do miss it a lot.

Do you miss school? Or were you just glad to leave? haha

Lucy xxx

My First Recipe!! Buckwheat pancakes with fresh berry sauce!


I swear I am trying to get back into blogging regularly once again! However today I am doing what I said I would be doing and that is a cooking post, following a recipe from this book!…

IMG_0464 So you know how much I’ve gone on about Neal’s Yard Remedies well this is there book! It contains nearly every food out there and how it helps you. Then it has lots of recipes for you to try again highlighting how it will help you, for example the one I tried promotes a healthy digestive tract, helps keep blood vessels supple and protects against free-radical damage.

So the first recipe I decided to try is the Buckwheat pancakes with fresh berry sauce.

After a slight annoyance trying to buy the ingredients, I was finally ready to give them a go!

This is what they are supposed to look like!


I chose this one first because its pretty simple and easy, and I love pancakes! haha

I don’t want to give the recipe away as I would highly recommend buying the book, but its a really simple recipe that I really enjoyed making. The only part that took a little bit of time was pouring the berry sauce through a sieve, which took a while because I had to use the back of a spoon to gently push it through. You can leave the pips and stuff in, but we wanted it smooth! So it went from this….


To this…



I also think I added a little too much cinnamon for my liking though haha!

Here’s what mine looked like in the end!


I don’t think its too bad for a first attempt! and it tasted really good!!

I am really excited to try out more recipes from this book and I also just bought the Deliciously Ella book too! Me and my mum had a lovely time together making these, it gave us quality time and a delicious product at the end too!

Lucy xxx