My Favourite Autumn/Fall Nail Polishes!

Hello again!

So today I’m here with my favourite Autumn/Fall Nail Polishes πŸ™‚ I LOVE Autumn, its probably my favourite time of year and recently I’ve been trying out some different colours of nail polish that I wouldn’t normally wear and ones that look nice now we’re getting into Autumn, enjoy!

My Autumn/Fall Favourites :) Going from cheapest to most expensive-left to right.
My Autumn/Fall Favourites πŸ™‚ Going from cheapest to most expensive-left to right.

First up we have a BarryM Gelly Hi-shine nail paint in the colour ‘Watermelon’

'Watermelon' By BarryM Gelly Hi-shine Nail Paint Β£3.99/Β£2.99
‘Watermelon’ By BarryM Gelly Hi-shine Nail Paint Β£3.99/Β£2.99



This is a lovely deep, dark teal colour which is neutral enough to wear with anything. You could simply match your scarf or some jewellery with it, but even if its not matched with anything this is still a lovely colour. I like darker colours in Autumn and I think this just screams Autumn, its still a little daring though to keep it from being boring and dowdy.



'Lychee' Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint by BarryM Β£3.99
‘Lychee’ Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint by BarryM Β£3.99



Even though I just said I like darker colours in Autumn, I also think one classic nude is a your friend in this season. If you’re outfit is quite ‘out there’ or just is quite ‘busy’ in terms of prints and fabrics, you might just want a simple nail colour to go with it and I think this is a perfect one! This is another BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint and this one is in the colour ‘Lychee’. It’s kind of hard to describe the colour, but its almost a really light caramel colour with just a hint of grey in it. Beautiful!


O.P.I Nail Lacquer in the colour 'Girl Colour' Couldn't find it on the website :(
O.P.I Nail Lacquer in the colour ‘Girl Colour’ Couldn’t find it on the website 😦


Another pale one! This is an expensive one, its O.P.I Nail Lacquer in ‘Girl Colour’. I got this a present, and I couldn’t find it on the O.P.I website, so it may be discontinued or something, but you can still find it on amazon and things like that I believe. This is one of my favourite polishes at the moment, I wish my crappy photos did it justice, because it is just the prettiest of colours. Even though I’m into beauty and fashion, I wouldn’t call myself a ‘girly girl’, so I don’t usually like pink nail polish. However this one is so light with just a slight glimmer to it that I LOVE IT! Again this is so easy to wear with any outfit, its one of those polishes which is really subtle but makes a big difference to your nails πŸ™‚


Nails Inc. London in 'Bennett Street' Couldn't find an 'official' price
Nails Inc. London in ‘Bennett Street’ Couldn’t find an ‘official’ price



This is probably the brightest colour in this little collection. This one is a Nails Inc. London polish in the colour ‘Bennett Street’, one of the old ones as they’ve just redone their packaging I believe. Due to this I think its discontinued but they have so many there’s bound to be one very similar to it on their website. Β For me this is a classic, staple pillar box red. I think this colour is great if you’re going out and you want a bit more of a statement nail colour, especially if you’ve kept your outfit quite simple and want your nail polish to be the pop of colour. It’s quite bold and daring but looks great!


Kate Spade New York by Nails Inc. London in the colour 'New York Noir' again couldn't find a price :(
Kate Spade New York by Nails Inc. London in the colour ‘New York Noir’ again couldn’t find a price 😦


Now the darkest colour! This is Kate Spade New York by Nails Inc. London in the colour ‘New York Noir’. This is a black nail polish and again for me a staple colour, you can team it with anything. I actually really like black nail polish, it has to be glossy though and this one has a lovely shine to it. I’m not always in the mood for it and I usually like lighter colours but I certainly think I’ll be wearing this in Autumn/Winter. Its just a nice block colour, it is quite bold and I don’t think it would suit everyone, but its worth giving a go as it’s a good way to ‘harden up’ an outfit.


O.P.I Nail Lacquer in the colour 'I Vant To Be A-Lone Star'
O.P.I Nail Lacquer in the colour ‘I Vant To Be A-Lone Star’



This is another O.P.I colour, they are a bit more expensive, but you can tell the difference I think. This is the colour ‘I Vant To Be A-Lone Star’, its a beautiful pale blue with a shimmer in it. Its almost a bluey grey colour, like an ice blue, but its so pretty. I really do love this colour, again I think this is a very easy colour to put stuff with, it blends in enough whilst still looking good. I wore this to London one day and one girl commented on my nails saying they looked ‘Perfect’ so definitely happy with that one!


O.P.I Nail Lacquer in 'Miami Beet'
O.P.I Nail Lacquer in ‘Miami Beet’


This is the colour I am wearing in the pictures and is my favourite colour at the moment. It’a another O.P.I in ‘Miami Beet’ which is like a red-violet colour. For me this is just the perfect Autumn colour, a deep red purple, bound to go with all the new Autumn trends coming out. I am loving wearing it and all the O.P.I nail polishes last so long, I would definitely recommend this polish and this one is still on the website! yay! I didn’t think this colour would suit me but I am loving it, so it just shows, try something new and you might be surprised!



Nails Inc. London in 'Glamour Glitter'
Nails Inc. London in ‘Glamour Glitter’



I thought I would just add this one in. Its ‘Glamour Glitter’ by Nails Inc. London. This is just a simple glitter top coat which I would put over any of the block colours in this post, or just on your ring finger just for a added bit of sparkle! Perfect for if your going out or just want to spice up an outfit!



And there you go! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any polishes you would add please comment them! What’s your favourite season? πŸ˜€

Lucy xxx


I’m back! Life Update!

Yes, I have not blogged in way too long but I am back and hopefully will be back to blogging every week, but as every student off to uni in the next few weeks, it’s a very stressful time and a very hectic one.

I am moving into halls next week and trying to get everything sorted on top of the sheer panic I have about living away from home I just have hardly any time to think about anything else, but rather than just not blog for another week, I thought I would just give you a little life update today πŸ™‚

So awhile back I went to London for the day which was really fun, I love going to London when you spend 90% of your time in the countryside. I bought a few things which I still might do some reviews on and also just take some photos of what I bought for you to look at πŸ™‚

Also who is loving the new series and the new doctor of Doctor Who?! I’m not going to lie I’m a huge fan (says the girl sat here drinking tea from her ‘trust me I’m the doctor’ mug) I’m super excited for tomorrows episode as I also used to love the BBC series of Robin Hood. I know some people are accusing BBC and especially Moffatt of just rewriting old episodes, but I’m going to hold off on my judgement, at the moment I’m just really enjoying the series so far πŸ™‚

Another point I thought I would tell you about it the fact I’m going to be nineteen soon! I literally can’t believe that in exactly 15 days I will be very close to not being a teenager anymore, which incredibly scary! I still haven’t come round to the fact I’m technically an ‘adult’, because I am so not in my head!

Finally I would just like to wish everyone that is starting back at school, starting a new school or going to uni the best of luck, I’m sure you’ll all be fine! Have fun and get involved! I hope this post wasn’t too boring but I promise I will be back to blogging properly soon when everything has settled down!

Lucy xxx