California Roadtrip Part 5: Beverly Hills, Universal Studios & Back to A&E

California Roadtrip Part 5: Beverly Hills, Universal Studios & Back to A&E

Hello again!

So I’m back with another part of my California road trip!

DAY 9!

On the 9th day we headed out from our hotel into Beverly hills! We parked up and took a stroll down Rodeo drive. For those that don’t know Rodeo drive is a road of extremely expensive shops where the rich and famous go! We didn’t see many famous people in fact only one and I didn’t know who she was! haha! Jessica Alba?? Apparently she’s quite famous!







We had breakfast on the way back to the car we had brunch/lunch at a cute little bagel place and ate them in Beverly Gardens Park. Then we hopped back in the car on a mission to find the Hollywood sign!

My first sight of the sign was from the road…


We went on a search of a better vantage point…

and found the Griffith Park Observatory!


It had some great views of L.A and the Hollywood sign, it was extremely warm up there!







We found the trail in Griffith park to walk to the sign, but after talking to some walkers that had just come back, we decided not too! It was quite far and we weren’t really dressed for it and there was other places we wanted to explore!

We drove back towards the hotel through L.A and then had some lush cocktails by the pool and chilled out!

For dinner we went for indian at India’s Claypot!

DAY 10!

Day 10 was probably one of my favourite and least favourite days all rolled into one. It started out amazing, a couple of days before we’d bought tickets to go to Universal Studios, somewhere I’d always wanted to go.

We got there and decided to upgrade to the VIP tour, which was incredible! We had our own little private area with breakfast, drinks, our own toilets and it was the place we met our (with a few others) personal tour guide.

On the VIP tour you go round in smaller groups on the tour and you get to actually get out and walk around some of the sets, prop and costume departments, it was amazing! Obviously I took a hell of a lot of pictures that day, but unfortunately it would probably take you took long to get through them all so I will narrow it down to just a few…


IMG_0959 IMG_0978 IMG_0999 IMG_1008 IMG_1011 IMG_1033 IMG_1043 IMG_1054 IMG_1062

However the day ended badly as not much later I was taken by ambulance to A&E again 😥 I won’t go into details, but lets just say, I wasn’t happy. It also then effected our plans as we had to stay in L.A for an extra day which mean’t missing out Death Valley.

Till the next time!

Lucy xxx


Book Review: The Girl on the Train


Again its been a bit of a gap since we last spoke but I’m really getting into the ‘getting ready for uni’ vibe and its taking up a lot of my time.  Anyways, today I’m going to be reviewing a book!

I love books and this book kind of got me back into reading again!

I’d heard a lot of good things about this book, a few people had recommended it to me so when it was half price in my local bookshop I decided to give it ago!

Quick note, I have the hardback edition as the paperback isn’t available till January, if that makes a different for you!

So The Girl On The Train is what I would describe as an intense, crime thriller thats easy on the crime. What I mean by that is that its not so heavy on police/crime jargon to the point which you won’t understand whats going on. It’s easy to follow in that sense.

However the story itself is quite complex. They’re’s a lot of things going on, a lot of names to remember and lots of intertwining relationships which are important to the story. It is also told from 3 different women’s perspectives which again adds to the complexity of the story. Saying all this its not impossible to follow and actually once you get into it, and you get really involved in the characters its easy to keep track. It’s not a book you can go without reading for a week, you kind of need to stick with it, however I almost had the opposite of that problem with it!

As suggested the story is based on the events of a woman who gets the same train at the same time everyday. We learn more about her life, her past, and that she’s named a couple who live in a house opposite the tracks. From the blurb we know she sees something ‘shocking’ but its not what I expected. The plot has many twists and turns and a great ‘who dun’ it?’ feel.

Whilst all the book is great, its the last third or so that made me unable to put it down. That is when the lives of everyone in the book start to coincide, things start to come to light and we learn what really happened. I have to say the ending is simply incredible, I could have really been there the way it was described.

I don’t want to give much away but if you like a good gritty, sometimes dark crime thriller then you will LOVE The Girl On The Train! I would highly recommend it to nearly anyone!

If you’ve read it, please let me know what you thought!

Lucy xxx

The Theory of Everything Review


So I’m doing something a little different today, something I don’t think I’ve done before and for good reason. I am not a film critique, I don’t profess to have really intelligent, profound things to say about certain films out of the fear of rejection and such. However, I couldn’t not share my thoughts on this amazing film.

The Theory of Everything is a basically a film telling the story of Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde. Of course the main thread of the story is Stephen’s heart wrenching battle with Motoneuron Disease, and all the ways he over comes it through his life. It also shows us Jane’s own personal struggle and devotion and the whole film is just so personal and beautiful.

At moments it had me close to tears, of course for example when Stephen finds out about the disease, and others it had me laughing out loud. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is a truly stunning film, with the soundtrack equally stunning, I’ve been listening to it non stop since!

A lot of this is down to the incredible actor’s and actresses in it. Felicity is amazing, but I have to say personally, Eddie Redmayne in this is breathtaking. I’ve seen him in quite a few other roles, all of which have been great, but this is something else. You really just forget who he is and completely believe he IS Stephen Hawking. The way he portrays him and his slow decline in health is truly brilliant.

As I say these are just my personal opinions, but I urge you to go and see this film because I thoroughly enjoyed it and would see it again any day!

Lucy xxx

The Real World….?

Take pen to paper
Because it’s easier than talking:
And why talk when no one is listening?
When your only audience is the breeze
That moves through everything
Would you notice if it wasn’t there?
Would you notice if I wasn’t here?

If I climbed a tree, would I see more clearly?
Or would the clouds blur my vision?
Like when the sun comes out from behind a rain cloud
would it seem better?
Or just a bittersweet taste of how things could be
When someone becomes no one
when the first petal falls
When the first rain drop hits
Or the first tear on the page.

Putting the pen down
Snapping back to reality, where no one really wants to be:
Because things are always better in our dreams
But why live in a dream world
When even though it’s the place you don’t feel alone
Where you are who you want to be
But it’s not real
And whether we like it or not
the real world is our world
And maybe I rather live in a world where
I can be anyone I want,
Where I can make new friends,
Where my family is
And where things may not always be great
but they’re new and exciting and real.

Bookaramigifts Review!

Hello again!

So recently I met up with my bestie again yaaaay! And she finally 😉 had my birthday present!! Only a month and a half late! But it was definitely worth the wait!! 😀

This is what she got me!



Its called Bookaramigifts and they are made by the amazingly talented Nicki Frampton in Camberley. As you can see it is folded book art uniquely handcrafted for you. You can pick the wording and the colours of your book and ribbon/flowers, and yes they are REAL books!



For someone who loves books and reading and cute gifts like this it was the perfect present! So thank you so much again Emma! I love you!! I have photographed it on the little board here, but it is not attached so you don’t have to keep it.

Having looked on their Facebook page the prices are really reasonable too and it came packed beautifully so it arrived in perfect condition and looked great too!

I would highly recommend these beautiful creations if want something to brighten up a room, or have a birthday to buy for coming up, these make the best presents as they are so personal and pretty. Love it!

Go check them out on Facebook!

Lucy xxx

Interview Tips and Techniques!

So after having a fair few job interviews recently and being pretty successful in more than one, I feel I have gained a good amount of experience of this tricky process that I thought I would share with all you lovely people!

Having anxieties myself job interviews are not easy, but I think everyone gets nervous about job interviews. You want to come across chatty and enthusiastic but also polite and passionate, it can be a hard balance to get right. So today I thought I would compile a list of my top tips for interviews that I have collected over the years!

Credit: Google


  1. Clothes. If you are given a dress code, stick to it. For example if its formal/smart thats no jeans, trainers or sports wear. Even if its smart/casual for me the same still applies but its a bit more slack. If you are going for a job in a fashion shop unless told otherwise you might want to wear a piece of their clothing, however cheesy this may seem it may help you get in the mindset of that shop and shows you have thought about what you’re wearing. MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION. What you’re wearing is going to be the first thing they see.
  2. Personality. Now saying that, obviously a company should not employ you on face value. It’s all to do with how you conduct yourself during the interview and how you come across. This can hard for some, especially if you more of an introvert like me. I find it hard to pick good aspects about myself and play them up, but you must. You have good qualities that this company need, keep telling yourself that. Be chatty and bubbly, but not overly so or you could come across annoying. Think about what they would want from you as an employee.
  3. Knowledge. There is no harm in doing a bit of research on the company the night before. You may even learn something interesting that you didn’t know about them! For example, did you know that the first New Look store was in my town of Taunton?! And if they ask you if you know anything about their company then you will, bonus! This makes a really good impression. They may not, but as always its much better to be prepared than underprepared.
  4. Past Experience. They are going to ask you about past jobs and other experiences. Questions they love to ask are ones centred about when you’ve performed well. For example one question might be ‘Tell me about a time you have worked well as part of team’ or ‘Tell me about a time you have delivered great customer service.’ Now if this is you’re first job, they will know that from your CV and will probably adapt the questions accordingly. However a lot of the time they also let you talk about school experiences so don’t be afraid to use those! You might worry that you’ll come across young and inexperienced but thats not true! In one of my last interviews I used a lot of school and college related answers and I was offered the job! Use experience from life, not just from past work.
  5. Hello/Goodbye. Now I’ve gotten used to doing this so it has kind of become second nature, but to a lot of newbies/introverts it might not be. You’re greeting and you’re goodbye are just as important as the main interview. I personally always greet my interviewer with a ‘Hi/Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Lucy.’ If they haven’t said my name already. Also a simple handshake really breaks the ice and people respond really well to it, it shows you are professional but friendly. If you forget to shake their hand before, or it seems awkward, don’t worry, just wait till the end and say something like, ‘It was lovely to meet you, thanks for your time,’ and go in for the handshake then. There is not a lot of people that will reject you for a handshake, its pretty much an automatic response to someone sticking their hand out to you!
  6. Questions. At the end they will ask you if you have any questions. Now obviously if they have covered everything or you simply don’t have any questions, then thats completely fine, just say so! But I know that in the heat of an interview you kind of just want to leave, or you just forget you’re questions and then get really annoyed with yourself ten minutes after when you remember then again. So here a few questions that you might want to ask if they haven’t already been covered:
  • When will I hear from you by? 
  • How much is the pay?
  • Uniform?

They will most likely cover most things in the interview and it might seem rude to you to ask about pay or discount or things like that, but trust me, they’ll have heard it before!


And that’s about it! I have probably forgotten somethings myself so if you have anything to add, please leave it in comment and we can help each other out!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Lucy xxx


Look Book and Update time!

This weekend I had a pretty packed schedule, on Saturday me and my mum went into town to run some errands and then on Sunday we took a little road trip down the Jurassic coast to find some camping and caravan sites for me and my friend to stay in in August.

During these days I wore two outfits I was pretty pleased with and thought I’d share them with you this week 🙂

Firstly this is the outfit I went into town in:





OOTD 1# closer look at the blazer 🙂 it’s a lush light mint green.



So I sported my trusty white Matalan shoes and my grey Monsoon Jeans, a basic white crop top from New Look I think, some kick ass jewellery and my new mint green blazer I got in the sale in New Look a few days ago 😀 Oh and a new earring for my cartilage piercing which I love! If you do want any prices or links then just drop me a comment, but I just couldn’t be bothered to list them all today, it’s so warm and I need food!

Then my second outfit…




This is my new reproduction vintage dress which I bought at an Airshow for £15 pounds, my shoes are New Look, £20 down to £10 so I was well chuffed with that! I kept it simple with jewellery and my hair and just popped on my beautiful Ray Bans 😀 I think my dog was wondering what I was doing….


The other thing I wanted to tell you guys this week was I have done quite a bit more on my novel recently, I’m on like 73,000 words now and I think I’m pretty near the end, just a lot of editing to do! But yeah, I’m pleased with that!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, please like and follow me and leave me a comment on what you’ve been wearing in this scorching hot weather! 😀

Bye!! Lucy xxx