No Makeup = Liberation Ladies!


I am really going to try to post more regularly from now on, I got really good at scheduling posts and now I’m terrible again! Especially with going to UNI next week, I’m going to try to start preparing better, and also blogging about my experiences!

But for now, I had an experience yesterday that I just had to blog about. To some it may seem so small and insignificant, but others I know it will be a big deal!

So as most of you will know, if you live in the UK, yesterday was a bank holiday and I had planned to use the day to get some things sorted, run some errands etc. I had not planned and did not, put any makeup on that day, I mean non AT ALL. However change in circumstance meant I needed to pop out to my local supermarket, which I knew was going to be sooooo busy!

I’d been so busy that morning that I didn’t have time when me and my dad decided to go out, to put any makeup on. I actually quite surprised as I wasn’t that worried, or bothered about going out without makeup on. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been out without makeup on before, but not to the supermarket I used to work in, so knowing I would see at least one person I knew.

In fact I saw THREE people I knew and had worked with, including the one boy I’d kind of had a crush on whilst I’d worked there. However instead of avoiding them at all costs I went up to them to say hello and spoke to them for a few minutes. I looked them right in the eyes and hopefully didn’t come across like I was trying to hide, which I kind of wanted to do.

As I walked away from them I realised that I felt fine. They hadn’t commented on my appearance, they hadn’t said things like ‘god you look ill/awful/tired’ and I’d been able to act pretty much as I would have if I’d had a full face of makeup on. I realised that you shouldn’t be worried about if people are going to judge you because you just happened to decided not to wear makeup that day, people that care about you aren’t going to judge that. Some women don’t wear makeup, full stop. But I know so well that its not that easy for a vast majority of women.

Of course if I was going out for a fancy meal, or to a party, I would put makeup, I would make an effort. But that day I was having a lazy, errand running kind of day that just didn’t warrant makeup and that IS OKAY. It’s totally fine not to wear makeup all the time. I’m not wearing any right now! Who cares!? If people can’t appreciate you with no makeup then its not you as a person they like.

I just wanted to share this experience with you as, you know I love wearing makeup, I love doing myself up, its fun! But there are many days when I don’t fancy doing this and that is completely fine!

Your beautiful, yes you!

Lucy xxx


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