Hello again!

So I’m back with another part of my California road trip!

DAY 9!

On the 9th day we headed out from our hotel into Beverly hills! We parked up and took a stroll down Rodeo drive. For those that don’t know Rodeo drive is a road of extremely expensive shops where the rich and famous go! We didn’t see many famous people in fact only one and I didn’t know who she was! haha! Jessica Alba?? Apparently she’s quite famous!







We had breakfast on the way back to the car we had brunch/lunch at a cute little bagel place and ate them in Beverly Gardens Park. Then we hopped back in the car on a mission to find the Hollywood sign!

My first sight of the sign was from the road…


We went on a search of a better vantage point…

and found the Griffith Park Observatory!


It had some great views of L.A and the Hollywood sign, it was extremely warm up there!







We found the trail in Griffith park to walk to the sign, but after talking to some walkers that had just come back, we decided not too! It was quite far and we weren’t really dressed for it and there was other places we wanted to explore!

We drove back towards the hotel through L.A and then had some lush cocktails by the pool and chilled out!

For dinner we went for indian at India’s Claypot!

DAY 10!

Day 10 was probably one of my favourite and least favourite days all rolled into one. It started out amazing, a couple of days before we’d bought tickets to go to Universal Studios, somewhere I’d always wanted to go.

We got there and decided to upgrade to the VIP tour, which was incredible! We had our own little private area with breakfast, drinks, our own toilets and it was the place we met our (with a few others) personal tour guide.

On the VIP tour you go round in smaller groups on the tour and you get to actually get out and walk around some of the sets, prop and costume departments, it was amazing! Obviously I took a hell of a lot of pictures that day, but unfortunately it would probably take you took long to get through them all so I will narrow it down to just a few…


IMG_0959 IMG_0978 IMG_0999 IMG_1008 IMG_1011 IMG_1033 IMG_1043 IMG_1054 IMG_1062

However the day ended badly as not much later I was taken by ambulance to A&E again 😥 I won’t go into details, but lets just say, I wasn’t happy. It also then effected our plans as we had to stay in L.A for an extra day which mean’t missing out Death Valley.

Till the next time!

Lucy xxx


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