Book Review: The Girl on the Train


Again its been a bit of a gap since we last spoke but I’m really getting into the ‘getting ready for uni’ vibe and its taking up a lot of my time.  Anyways, today I’m going to be reviewing a book!

I love books and this book kind of got me back into reading again!

I’d heard a lot of good things about this book, a few people had recommended it to me so when it was half price in my local bookshop I decided to give it ago!

Quick note, I have the hardback edition as the paperback isn’t available till January, if that makes a different for you!

So The Girl On The Train is what I would describe as an intense, crime thriller thats easy on the crime. What I mean by that is that its not so heavy on police/crime jargon to the point which you won’t understand whats going on. It’s easy to follow in that sense.

However the story itself is quite complex. They’re’s a lot of things going on, a lot of names to remember and lots of intertwining relationships which are important to the story. It is also told from 3 different women’s perspectives which again adds to the complexity of the story. Saying all this its not impossible to follow and actually once you get into it, and you get really involved in the characters its easy to keep track. It’s not a book you can go without reading for a week, you kind of need to stick with it, however I almost had the opposite of that problem with it!

As suggested the story is based on the events of a woman who gets the same train at the same time everyday. We learn more about her life, her past, and that she’s named a couple who live in a house opposite the tracks. From the blurb we know she sees something ‘shocking’ but its not what I expected. The plot has many twists and turns and a great ‘who dun’ it?’ feel.

Whilst all the book is great, its the last third or so that made me unable to put it down. That is when the lives of everyone in the book start to coincide, things start to come to light and we learn what really happened. I have to say the ending is simply incredible, I could have really been there the way it was described.

I don’t want to give much away but if you like a good gritty, sometimes dark crime thriller then you will LOVE The Girl On The Train! I would highly recommend it to nearly anyone!

If you’ve read it, please let me know what you thought!

Lucy xxx


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