So I am back with another part of my California Road trip!

DAY 7!

So today was the day we were headed to Santa Barbara so we had breakfast on the road, in fact we had breakfast in Safeways! Then it was on the road to Santa Barbara!

We headed out on highway 1 along the big sur, which has some of the most beautiful views!




We then stopped off at a lovely beach in San Simeon….



There’s nothing like sitting on a warm Californian beach with a cool, soft breeze blowing through your hair….

However all too soon we were on the road again and before we knew it we were in Santa Barbara! We checked into our hotel, which was really nice by the way and then headed down town for dinner in a fancy Italian.

DAY 8!

Today we decided to stay by the pool for a bit, just enjoying the sun and the peace and quiet after we had had breakfast at the hotel.

We explored down town a little, then headed off to the beach for a walk along the pier. IMG_0875



Then after much too shorter time in Santa Barbara, (we only had 1 night there) we were off to L.A!!

We did however get horribly lost on the way to Los Angeles, at one point it was like a scene out of The Hills Have Eyes.

However finally we arrived in the famous Los Angeles! After only dreaming of being there I could touch it, feel it, smell it! Our hotel was The Sportsmans Lodge and it was a snazzy hotel situated in North Hollywood.

We checked in and then headed into central L.A, Sunset Boulevard to be exact, to have dinner at Mel’s Diner, best place ever! It’s open 24hrs and the food is great! All retro and beautiful and a lot of the tables have little juke boxes on them so you can choose music to listen to whilst you eat.


Then it was off to bed! As we hadn’t seen much of L.A yet we were so excited for the next day!

However I will leave that for the next post! It’ll be a big one!

Lucy xxx


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