Welcome back! Sorry its been awhile!

So onto DAY 5!

Today we got up and went in search of a different place to have breakfast. We drove out of central San Fran and found a healthy food/breakfast place called ‘Evolution’.

We walked around for a bit, found the most amazing pet store, with a man and his pet parrot!

We drove then to the Palace of Fine Arts which was stunning!




We also walked down to see the Golden Gate Bridge…


Which unfortunately was shrouded in cloud from this view….

However as this was the day we were leaving for Monterey we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge on our way there…


And then it was goodbye San Fransisco, thank you for an unforgettable time! On to Monterey!

We basically just checked into the hotel when we got to Monterey and had dinner in Knuckles Sports bar.


On day 6 we headed straight into Monterey and had breakfast in ‘American Diner’ and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! It was really cool, the jellyfish were definitely my favourite!






After this, we drove ’17 mile drive’ seeing amazing coast views and these beautiful deer right outside someones house!

Then it was onto Carmel, which Clint Eastwood was mayor of for a while! Then we went to Carmel Valley which is known for being really warm and sunny even if just down the road in Monterey its cooler and cloudy. We met a real life part time cow girl, pull time police deputy! Her horses were georgous!



We then drove back to the hotel after a busy and fun day!

Lucy xxx


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