So awhile back now I went to see George Ezra for the second time and he was just as fabulous as the first time I saw him live! If you don’t know who George Ezra is 1. you should and 2. he is a 21 singer with the most incredibly deep voice and catchy lyrics you will hear for a long time.

What I love about George Ezra, and this is demonstrated beautifully when you see him live, is the age range that he attracts. Young, old, it doesn’t matter, people love him, and its not hard to see why!

So this time I went to The Hall for Cornwall in Truro. I’d never been to that venue before and was a little apprehensive as I knew it was a standing gig. However the atmosphere was lovely as outside before we went in they had a hog roast, a bar and ice cream being sold. It was a great start to the evening. The venue itself was small and intimate and really fun. Here are some quick snaps I shot on my phone…

IMG_1074 IMG_1067 IMG_1065 IMG_1070

So anyway, if you have the chance, go and see him live, he’s incredible!

Lucy xxx


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