Back again for part two of series on my California Roadtrip!

So picking up where we left off DAY 3!

Day 3 started with another gut busting, but absolutely gorgeous breakfast at Pinecrest. We walked down to Union Square and me and mum went into Macy’s and of course I headed straight for the MAC section! I had my entire face done up and the girl that helped us out was so nice. Of course I bought a few things! 😉


We’d decided to take today slow so after a little look around some other shops round Union Square we headed back to the hotel for bit.

However soon we were up and out again and we decided to take a trip down to Chinatown.








I bought a lovely jade necklace in one of the shops there and I actually really enjoyed walking around that area.

In the spirit of Chinese we got a Chinese takeaway that night and once more flopped into bed!


So in the morning we picked up our hire car and went to find the house from Mrs. Doubtfire. As big fans of Robin Williams it became a must.

It was actually incredibly moving as when we got there we saw hundreds of the stones around the trees outside had be written on with messages for Robin.




Someone had even left a letter for him…


We then headed out of San Fransisco in search of Yosemite National park, but because we’d started our day quite late and it was going to take a while to get there, we literally only decided last minute.

We got lunch on the road and drove, we got lost a couple of times and by the time we found it, it was like 5pm! Because of this we didn’t stay long! But wow, was it worth it!






I can’t describe the beautiful surroundings, the peace and quiet and the scale of some of the cliffs! The pictures are great, but they do NOT do it justice! I love nature and this place was just truly breath taking.

We headed back to San Fransisco and picked up a deliciously pizza takeaway on the way back.

Thats all for now!

Lucy xxx


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