I’m back! And I don’t just mean back to blogging. I have also just come back from a two and a half week trip along the west coast of America! It was memorable lets just say that! I will be doing a number of blog posts about it mixed in with other posts too so it doesn’t get too boring!

Anyway to sum up the holiday I have written this paragraph…

2 and 1/2 weeks, 1 country, 3 states, 5 stops, 5 hotels, 2 trips to A&E, laughs, tears, memories, long days, even longer nights, hours of driving, sun, sea, 45 degree heat, celebrities, animals, movies, adventures, anxiety, fun….an experience.

So lets start at the very beginning shall we, as I’ve said it was a long trip so I won’t be going into minute detail about every single thing we did, but I will be giving you a pretty good idea!

So DAY 1 started at 4am when we had to get up to go to the airport! We were flying out of Heathrow with United Airlines, of who I personally had never flown with before! I woke up suffering with pain in my side which I’ve had before which I had to go to A&E because of so I had had little sleep and wasn’t in a great mood.


This unfortunately did get worse during our 11 hour flight and by the time we landed in San Fransisco I had to be escorted off the plane by paramedics. Good start to the holiday eh? Its fair to say I was upset. Anyways, the paramedic was LOVELY and in the hospital they pumped me full of morphine, did some tests but couldn’t really find much so I was discharged with some strong pills to take and we headed to our hotel.

The hotel we stayed in in San Fran was the Hotel Adagio and it was really nice. The beds, were the comfiest beds ever! We didn’t do much that evening as I was exhausted and completely drugged up so we kind of just flopped into bed with room service!


Day 2 was a lot better! I felt quite a bit better although I was still woozy from the day before. We had a late (VERY late haha) breakfast at the Pinecrest diner on our street and it was lush! ‘Best breakfast in San Fransisco!’

In the Hotel lobby 🙂
We walked down to union square which was literally a couple of blocks from our hotel, and then took a tram up to Lombard Street. After a few pictures we wandered down to the bay and took a stroll along Hyde St. Pier.

Tram trip!

Lombard Street!
Lombard Street!

We then walked along to Pier 39 to see the sea lions and me, my dad and my brother went on The Rocketboat out in the harbour, which was awesome! There was a street band, people playing music, great shops and beautiful views, I really enjoyed it.

Sea Lions!
Sea Lions!



We then got the F line (very similar to trams) back halfway, then walked the rest. Again this night we got room service and after a long day, fell into bed!

I’ll leave it there for now, but stick around for Part 2!

Lots of love,

Lucy xxx


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