My Apps of the Moment!


Sorry its been another week since a blog post but today I’m going to be talking about 3 Apps I’ve been using a lot recently!

So I probably have said before just how much I’ve gotten into my fitness recently, especially yoga and pilates. So the first App I’ve been loving and using A LOT for quite a while now is Yoga Studio.


This app is brilliant! It comes with loads of ready made sessions, from beginner to advance, quick yoga fixes and specific ones for back pain or runners. I’ve been using this for awhile now and have not got bored of it at all. It has classes centred on balance, flexibility, strength or a combination so you can choose a class that suits you on a particular day. It takes you through the movements easily and as once you’ve downloaded a class you can do it anywhere, its really portable! Love it!


Next up we have Sleep Cycle…


Basically its alarm clock but it using a ‘wake up phase’ that ends at your alarm time. During this phase Sleep Cycle monitors your body to wake you softly, when you are in the lightest possible sleep state. You put it on your mattress next to you whilst you sleep so it can track your movements and therefore know what sleep phase you are in.

It has snooze like a normal alarm but after you’re nights sleep it also shows you a graph, tracking your sleep, your sleep quality, your time in bed, your activity, heart rate etc.


I’ve been enjoying using this partly because its just really interesting, but also because it can help you get a better nights sleep, and wakes you up gently rather than a loud scary alarm going off when you’re deep asleep!

Lastly we have, the BBC News app! This one might seem a little boring to some, or silly seeing as its on the TV so much but I have been using this so much!


As I’m interested in English and Journalism and the news and keeping up with events going on with the world I find myself turning to the BBC news app probably at least twice a day. Certainly in the morning when I wake up to see if I’ve missed anything whilst I’ve been asleep as I usually don’t have time or just simply don’t watch the TV.

Its really handy and you can pick topics that you’re interested to feature in the ‘My News’ section. As well it has ‘Top Stories’, ‘Most Read’, ‘Most Watched’ and ‘LIVE’.

And there you go, three of my favourite apps at the moment! Let me know if there are any apps you’ve been into recently and I will check them out!

Lucy xxx


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