Big post today! So I went into town last weekend and fell in love with most of the clothes in a shop, and a lot of them were also in the sale which was nice!

I will be taking most of these on my holiday this year, which I don’t think I’ve mentioned, is to CALIFORNIA! YAAAAYYY!

So enjoy!


I love this dress because it has a short slip underneath rather than a full length one, with that and the aztec pattern I think its really cute. The make is Madam Rage and it was £27.99.


I LOVE THIS DRESS! So as you can see its a denim look fabric with a floral print and cut out sides.It’s so cute, and I’m just wearing my battered old Converses with it here. This again is by Madam Rage and was also £27.99.


Here I just added the mac I bought which is by BellField and was a quite expensive £50.00 but its super light and will be really handy to have.


So then I bought this T-shirt, I like the rolled up sleeves design and the pattern. This is by BellField and was £18.00.

outfit3.1Finally I picked up this jumper, which is again by BellField and was £35.00. I love how casual it is, and although it is a jumper I’m not going to get to hot in it.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post, I haven’t done one like this in awhile but I thoroughly enjoyed doing it! Let me know your fave outfit!

Lucy xxx


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