Let’s Celebrate: No Makeup Days!


So today I’m doing more of a chatty post and I’m going to be talking all about no makeup days!

So firstly let me say, I love makeup as much as the next girl. I love buying it, using it, experimenting with it and it does make me feel more confident. However I also have quite a few ‘No Makeup’ days and the more I do it, the more I’m starting to feel confident in my own skin.

I really think we, as girls, should start to appreciate our natural beauty just a little bit more and it never hurts to let our skin breath the odd day. I am very far from being happy about the way I look without makeup on, in fact when I have no makeup on I tend to just avoid mirrors a little. But again this bad because no one looks ‘ugly’ without makeup. We’ve all just gotten used to this ‘ideal’ which includes basically always wearing makeup and looking flawless (which no one is!), which makes it seems catastrophic when someone is seen without makeup on.

I personally feel great when I’ve had no makeup on, my skin feels clean and fresh and just natural. Now don’t get me wrong, I will most likely only have no makeup days when I don’t have anything particularly planned apart from walking the dog, or just popping to the local shop but I have toned my makeup down a lot more recently in general. Instead of quite bold eye shadows I’ll go a lot simpler with maybe just a bit of smudged eye liner on my top lid and mascara. I will still go with concealer and then my Mac Studio Fix over the top, but I have actually really enjoyed taking my makeup back to basics.

I just want to encourage you all to have more no makeup days and feel okay about that. I still love getting dolled up but its nice to do the opposite sometimes too! And if people see you with no makeup on they make a comment, then maybe aren’t the kind of person you want in your life!

So basically give your skin a break every now then, never apologise for no makeup and wear makeup for the right reasons! For you!

Anyways, if you enjoy no makeup days let me know!

Lucy xxx


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