Hello all!

Today I have another review for you and its also another Benefit product, what can I say, I love them!

Today I’m talking brows! Now I’m not an expert in brow products because until recently I’d just sort of left my brows to their own devices as they are quite thick and relatively well shaped on their own.

But I decided I wanted a product to kind of keep them in shape, and just naturally fill in any gaps. My mum has this product too and she swears buy it so I thought I would give it a shot.



It comes in two shades and I obviously got the darker shade. I love this product so much! It looks so natural on brows, its small brush makes it so easy to apply and it keeps brows in shape. Its build able so you can go as natural or fuller as you want, which again is great. It adheres to skin and hairs to give your brows a fuller, shapely brows in an instant!

This product is ¬£17.50 which I don’t think is too bad, simply because of how much I love it! I think you just have to try it to see what I mean!

Have you ever tried GimmeBrow? Or are there any other brow products you recommend?

Lucy xxx


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