Today I’m going to do a makeup product review for you! So this product has been out a good few weeks and its been getting rave reviews from most people, so thought I would add my own opinion in there. You’ll know by now from the title I’m talking about Benefits new mascara Roller Lash!

I feel like this product was hyped up quite a lot in the beauty world in the run up to its release which led to people having pretty high expectations of it. Although having read many reviews from other people it seems to have lived up to it.



Firstly the packaging is gorgeous, I have to give them that. Its pretty and girly without being too over the top. The handle is nicely grippy in a peachy pink colour and the rest is black with the same peachy pink stating the name. CUTE.

So this mascara claims to be ‘rollers for lashes’ aiming to separate, lift, curl and set your lashes. Whats new right? Well the brush is slightly curved and does look like it might actually do something. Its a plastic brush and doesn’t clog.

It separates lashes well, and does lift and curl. I’ve found I have to work quite hard sometimes to get my lashes to do what I want with this mascara but I don’t know if thats just my lashes! It definitely sets them for the day though and lasts. It also doesn’t feel too ‘heavy’ on your lashes which is nice.

As with any Benefit product its not the cheapest, but then again there are many other more expensive brands. This mascara is £19.50, which is pretty standard for Benefit and I would definitely consider buying this mascara again.

Overall I would give this mascara 8/10.

Lucy xxx


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