Today I’m going to talk about my favourite face washes!

I have recently bought a new face wash which I have to say I’ve been loving! But I do have others that I like to use too, so I thought I would share them with you!

I do try and use face washes every day but as you will probably know thats not always possible. I like to use them especially when I’ve got a bit more time to pamper myself, and also if I’m going to have a non makeup day.

So here they are!!

First up!


I’ve had this a pretty long time, and recently its been shoved in a bathroom cabinet hence why it looks quite mucky. However I have used this quite, its got good stuff in it, Manuka honey and tea tree which are both really good for your skin. I have to say I never saw a huge difference in my skin when using this, but my skin has kind of gotten worse recently, so maybe its because I have been using this!


I really like this one! Its exactly what it says, a foam, which is really nice and feels good on your face. This one is aimed at reducing oil which leads to shine on your face. I try and use this regularly but I’ll pick it up more when my face is feeling especially oily. I think this does work, and its just nice to use.



This is my favourite and my most recent purchase in terms of face washes. Now I don’t go in the Body Shop a lot, mostly because I have this idea that they are really expensive and I’ll just see things that I can’t afford anyways. But the other day I went in with a purpose and that was to look at their Tea Tree range. I’ve actually been having a bit of a problem with my skin recently and I thought Tea Tree would really help so I bought this. It was £5 so incredibly reasonable I feel! I LOVE using this! It smells divine, it lathers nicely and leaves your skin feeling just really clean and soft. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I feel it really has helped my skin a lot too!

Do you have any fav face washes at the moment? Let me know!

Lucy xxx


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