Today I have another review for you, and this is on the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection!

Now if you are a makeup enthusiast you most likely already know about Real Techniques, so you may well know what I’m talking about. Basically if you haven’t heard of Real Techniques they are a brand of luxury makeup brushes created by Youtube stars Nic and Sam AKA Pixiwoo.

Now as they are pretty expensive brushes I only bought two because those are the ones that I needed most, but there are seven in total.

Here are the ones I bought:


I bought the 200 Oval Shadow (on the left) and the 301 Flat Contour (on the right). First impressions, obviously they are extremely nice looking and just ooze professionalism. They are weighted so they do feel really nice in your hand and the brushes themselves are SUPER soft. I find the flat contour is perfect for bronzer and highlighter and even though the oval shadow is a bigger brush than I’m used to for eyes, I’ve been getting used to it and have to say I’ve loving both.

They are extremely and I’ve still deciding if they are just a little too pricey for makeup brushes. These two were £15.00 for the oval shadow and £22.00 for the flat contour. Altogether they range from an affordable £10 to a slightly crazy £25.00.

Having said that they are lovely and if you are prepared to pay a little extra then you will get some mighty fine brushes. I mean just look how pretty they are! haha

Anyway, let me know if you have any of these brushes and how you’ve been getting on with them!

Lucy xxx


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