George Ezra Concert!!

So on Tuesday I went to see George Ezra in Bristol and it was awesome!!
Firstly, a little about the venue!…. I love Colston Hall in Bristol because it’s small enough for it to be intimate and for you to feel close to the artist but just big enough for a good atmosphere at the same time. 😊

The support act was a guy called Raleigh Ritchie who is from Bristol originally but has now moved to London. He was brilliant!! He had so much energy on stage which really got the crowd going, exactly what you need from a support act! you’ll love him if you like poppy music with a strong drum beat. I would highly recommend going and seeing him if you can because I guarantee he will be big one day!

Then of course George Ezra came on and I loved his music before but oh wow! He is so good live, his voice is just so soulful and bluesy and he’s only 21! He also did a couple of covers including a Bob Dylan one, who is also one of his main musically inspirations. He is such a sweet, unassuming guy but you can tell he has a wicked sense of humour. I thoroughly enjoyed the night, I didn’t want it to end and it went so quickly! Again I would highly recommend seeing him if you get the chance because you will definitely enjoy it!

Here are some random shots I took on my phone, so quality is not tip top I’m afraid.






P.s I’m writing this for the second time after my account seemed to delete the first one from existence. That is why it is also so late in the day. Sorry.

Lucy xxx


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