Okay so today I’m doing something a little different and something I might even turn into a small series of sorts…yeah.

So basically what I’m going to do every week at some point is dig out a piece of mine or my mums makeup that we don’t use anymore or just at the moment and give it a go.

Today I went went into my mums room and as I haven’t actually used a proper blusher for quite awhile and I’ve never had any Chanel products I was drawn to this..



So as you can probably see this is a Chanel powder blush in the colour 46 Rose Défilé, which as far as I can see is no longer produced officially on the Chanel website unfortunately.

Like I said I haven’t been using a blush for quite a while, I used to use blusher quite heavily when I was younger and now seem to have gone the opposite way! I’ve actually been using a Shimmer block which has number of different, but similar shades in it. The one I’ve been using is from the B. range in Superdrug.

However back to Chanel! This blush is a beautiful almost dusty rose colour. Its not too pink, more orangey, brown tones to it with a light shimmer. I’ve found it quite pigmented when I’ve used it, but I think I’ve become a bit heavy handed!

It comes with a little brush but I haven’t been using that! The mirror is a good size to use on the go and all round I really like the flushed glow it gives my cheeks.

As it is a Chanel product its going to have a Chanel price tag. This is £31.00, which for me is certainly expensive for a blush even if it is a really nice texture, quality and colour.

I will enjoy using this until it runs out, but at the moment I don’t think I’ll be going and buying another one, simply because of the price tag, but you never know!

Do you have any high end products you just love? Have you discovered any lost treasures recently? Let me know!

Lucy xxx


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