Why I Actually Miss School….

Hey There!

So today I thought I would do a more chatty post and share with you some of the things I actually really miss about school!

  1. My Friends. I miss a lot of my friends from school, it was the consistency of seeing them everyday, knowing they were going to be there. Having time to talk to them and sharing a common goal. Now most of them are at uni and finding time to see each other is tougher than we thought.
  2. My Teachers. I had some amazing teachers at school. For example, I was predicted a D in maths when I first started secondary school and achieved an A. That was down to an amazing, young, fresh maths teacher that made maths fun. I also had another maths teacher who I just adored, and she became my mentor whilst I was there and suffering from anxiety.
  3. The Structure. I love structure, I like knowing what I’m doing, when I’m doing, whats going to happen etc. And school was just like that, you had a timetable, you very quickly knew where you had to be and when. It was the routine and the stability of it I liked. You knew where you were going, ultimately GCSE’s, but you had a goal, a sight.
  4. That Year 11 Feeling. I think year 11 was definitely my favourite year. Even though we were working hard for our GCSE’s we had a lot of fun too. We got to do more of what we wanted, especially in subjects such as P.E, which was compulsory, but when we got to year 11 teachers knew they couldn’t really force us into something we didn’t want to do. And in things like maths, we got to choose subjects to go over and revise which I liked. Plus, after four long years we were at the top of the school, the oldest, ready to move on, reluctant to leave.

And that is my small list of things I miss about school, there’s more, but I think these four main ones cover them. Even though there were some really hard times at school for me, bullies, anxiety, counselling, I do miss it a lot.

Do you miss school? Or were you just glad to leave? haha

Lucy xxx


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