My First Recipe!! Buckwheat pancakes with fresh berry sauce!


I swear I am trying to get back into blogging regularly once again! However today I am doing what I said I would be doing and that is a cooking post, following a recipe from this book!…

IMG_0464 So you know how much I’ve gone on about Neal’s Yard Remedies well this is there book! It contains nearly every food out there and how it helps you. Then it has lots of recipes for you to try again highlighting how it will help you, for example the one I tried promotes a healthy digestive tract, helps keep blood vessels supple and protects against free-radical damage.

So the first recipe I decided to try is the Buckwheat pancakes with fresh berry sauce.

After a slight annoyance trying to buy the ingredients, I was finally ready to give them a go!

This is what they are supposed to look like!


I chose this one first because its pretty simple and easy, and I love pancakes! haha

I don’t want to give the recipe away as I would highly recommend buying the book, but its a really simple recipe that I really enjoyed making. The only part that took a little bit of time was pouring the berry sauce through a sieve, which took a while because I had to use the back of a spoon to gently push it through. You can leave the pips and stuff in, but we wanted it smooth! So it went from this….


To this…



I also think I added a little too much cinnamon for my liking though haha!

Here’s what mine looked like in the end!


I don’t think its too bad for a first attempt! and it tasted really good!!

I am really excited to try out more recipes from this book and I also just bought the Deliciously Ella book too! Me and my mum had a lovely time together making these, it gave us quality time and a delicious product at the end too!

Lucy xxx


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