Heya! So I know I’ve missed a few blog posts, but I’ve just been focussing a little more on myself recently. However today I’ve got a sort of morning routine post for you! These are things I will do in a morning if I have the time and to be honest, if I’m in the mood, but I try to do them regularly.

So first thing I’d probably do is go downstairs and make myself a nice cup of tea, either a regular green tea, or one of my Neal’s Yard Remedies ones. Most likely a vitality, inner strength or detox for the morning and then the Night time one for before bed.


Staying with healthy, I’ve been trying to at least make my breakfasts more healthy, today I had a smoothie, made by my new smoothie maker!


This one contains, banana, vanilla frozen yogurt, oats and a splash of milk. We wanted to keep it simple this time as I’ve a habit of over loading them with ingredients!

Recently, since my first CBT session I’ve been taking some other active steps towards helping my anxiety and stress. I’ve downloaded a couple of apps, one called Headspace, and one called Calm. So next I would maybe work through an exercise on one of these apps.

IMG_0251 Headspace is a free app which after ten days of ten minute exercises you can choose to subscribe monthly or yearly to unlock the rest of its content. In the free level one, ten minute exercises Andy takes you through calming and breathing techniques to slowly train your mind to think a little more positive and generally de stress.

At the moment I’m enjoying using it, however the subscription for this one is quite expensive at £9.99 a month or £6.25 a month for 12 months.

IMG_0252The other one is Calm. This one again has proved pretty beneficial so far. Again its first two programs are free with the option then to subscribe to unlock further content. The voice is soothing but not patronising and it does make me feel better. For free you get the 7 Days of Calm program and the Calm program. There is A LOT of content to unlock with the pro version though and for a fraction of the price of Headspace.

This one is 67p a month is you subscribe for a year, so thats £7.99 each year. Which is almost the same as one month of Headspace. I’m still deciding what I’m going to do, but I do think these apps are useful, they aren’t for everyone, but its worth a go.

Using these apps in the morning just kind of sets me up for the day, but they can be used at any point.

I will then shower, get dressed and do whatever I need to do that day!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, see you all soon!

Lucy xxx


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