Hey there!

So if you are unaware the days are ticking down to my first session of CBT on Friday morning. I’ve had CBT before but it was quite a while ago now and I feel my anxieties have gotten a lot worse recently, so I’m really hoping this will help a great deal.

CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which aims to change the way you think about certain things and thus change your behaviour towards it. I still don’t talk to a lot of people about it, I’m definitely a suffer in silence kind of person. As well as being excited that this might be a turning point in my life I am also extremely nervous. Nervous it won’t work, or I won’t want to go, or that they’ll judge me, but I know this its self is my anxiety coming out to play.

I still think I’m gaining tiny amounts of confidence now and again, through work and pushing myself to just take little steps out my comfort zone. For instance I wore heeled boots out the other day which I haven’t done in so long because I feel too tall and that people will stare or laugh.


I hope anyone else out their suffering with anxiety doesn’t feel embarrassed to seek help because we all need a little help sometimes.

Lucy xxx


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