Hey there!

I know there have been almost to many reviews on this product but my mum had it lying around unused and I thought I would steal it away and try it for myself, see what all the hype is about.


I can kind of see what the excitement is about, I mean it is an amazing product. It’s simple and easy to use which is a major reason I mostly stick to face wipes, just for ease and quickness. However this is pretty quick too! You literally just put 1-2 pumps into your hand and then rub that all over your face, middle towards the edge, breaking up all the makeup and grime on your face, then rinse the cloth in hand hot water, ring it out first so it’s damp not wet and then wash it off!

Simple! And it really does leave your face feeling soft and refreshed, and just really…clean. Apart from one spot I can feel starting to protrude out my face, it’s kept my skin pretty spot free and my skin does look healthier too!

It’s just a really nice product to use, it feels nice, smells nice and has a touch of luxury about it, so you do feel like you’re indulging your face, which lets face it, our faces deserve! haha. With all the awards it won I was hoping it was good!

It is isn’t the cheapest product out their, but its not crazy pricey. I highly recommend checking it out on their website!


Lucy xxx


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