Filthy Sexy London Review!


So here we are in the midway point between Christmas and New Year!

Today I am going to show you my new favourite thing, my FSL leisure suit!



FSL clothing is a boutique fashion line featuring womenswear and luxe loungewear inspired by the people, fashion and atmosphere of London itself. I bought mine at the Clothes Show Live this year and I have been in love with them ever since.

They are the comfiest and stretchiest material ever! You kind have to feel it to believe it! They have a range of slogans and designs, I also bought a really cute T-shirt which no doubt I will be featuring on here too soon!

It’s quite pricey, but its so worth it! It’s the perfect balance between comfy, slouchy clothes but it’s nice enough you could pop to the shops in it, or its also great for a long journey.

I would highly recommend checking out their website and having a browse!

Lucy xxx


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