The Christmas Rush!


So I know I’ve missed four three, basically four days of posts and I’m not going to bother trying to catch up with my Benefit Advent Calendar because it ends tomorrow, so I shall do it then! Today I thought I would just do a little round up of the last few hectic days, a bit more of a chatty style post for you!

Okay so on Saturday nothing out the ordinary happened, I worked in the evening, it was NOT a good shift. I had a little meltdown about it, but bounced back the next day for my 7hr shift. It has been so crazy in work in the lead up to christmas!

Monday, me and my dad went last minute christmas shopping in Bristol, which was nice. We managed to get my mum some really nice presents which I think she’ll really like. šŸ™‚

And then today I have been at work till 2pm and then me and my dad grabbed some lunch then headed to pick up a parcel for my mum. We walked my dog and now I am finally home and sat down!

So I have tomorrow (CHRISTMAS EVE!!!) the morning anyway, to catch up on doing some posts, but I hope everyone is in the christmas spirit and enjoying themselves! šŸ˜€

Lucy xxx


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