Clothes Show Live!


So on Monday I went to the Clothes Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham for the first time.  I’d heard really good things about it and was very excited even though I’d just started to come down with a nasty cold that day.


Due to this fact, and because I just wanted to enjoy it, I didn’t take many photos, in fact I think I took one. However this post aims to just give you a little insight into our day and what I thought of it 🙂

So we set off at about half nine and everything was going well until we took an exit at a roundabout we were not supposed to take, this ended up adding quite a significant amount of time onto our journey however we got there in the end at about midday.

We headed straight in and I have to say its strange, at first you are quite overwhelmed and a little bit in awe. There are a lot of clothes stalls, beauty stalls, and a designer bit, however we found a lot of it was a little more market stallish than high end brands.

The beauty stalls like Barry M, Rimmel and Bare Minerals were good because they were doing goodie bags for like £10 which had way more in than you’d get for £10 normally. Ciate were there and we got their advent calendar for £10 which is amazing! We also picked up some really nice bits of clothing, like a plush tracksuit and t-shirt from these lovely sisters. I think you just need to not be taken in too much and really just look and the things that really interest you and look good.

We then went into the Catwalk/dance show and I really enjoyed that, it was really well done and put together. I loved some of the clothes and the models were all great and really got the crowd going, for me it was probably the highlight of the day.

We had a final look round and then went to grab a drink and have a look through our bags while the traffic died down. I actually really enjoyed that too, as even though I was feeling really ill by this time, I got to just sit down with my mum and share some real quality time with her which I haven’t really done for a while.

All in all I did really enjoy the Clothes Show Live, but I would have to think about going back again, a lot of people said it had gotten smaller over the past few years and for to be honest the price of the tickets it quite expensive and you have to pay £10 for parking too. But definitely an enjoyable day 🙂

Lucy xxx



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