December the 1st…Advent Calendars!!!

Hey guys!

So today is the 1st of December! That means it is officially the count down to Christmas, starting with….Advent CP1090597alendars! Here’s mine…

I bought this what feels like an age ago and have been so excited to start it! As you can probably see it is the Benefit’s Candy-Coated Countdown!

I was very lucky to go into Debenhams the day that they had started taking reservations for when they came in and having seen people with them last year I instantly put my name down. They have like a £100 pounds worth of stuff inside and it only cost me £60ish so I’m happy with that!




And now today was finally time to get it down off the top of my wardrobe and start opening it! yyaay! So here’s what day one was….P1090600

Four super cute little heart shaped paper clips. I actually might use these as bookmarks or use them as they were intended, to keep paper together! haha

Anyway, I will obviously be opening it everyday, but I will post what is in it every two days. So for example I will blog about day 2&3 on the 3rd and so on!

But for now, Merry December, I hope everyone is enjoying opening their own advent calendars and I think I will say it for the first time, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lucy xxx



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