Taunton’s Xmas Markets Haul!

Hey there!

The other day I went to my own towns christmas market and light switch on thing for the first time! And of course I bought a few things, I only bought three things, but they are quite different to what I would normally pick and are in some ways quite far out my comfort  zone, but I really like them!

First up was this pretty zany hoodie, I really liked the patterns and colours in this and these kind of jackets have really long sleeves which is always good for me! My mum told me she lived in one of these when she was a student and I can see me doing the same!

This was a £10, so I thought it was quite a bargain!



Next up we have this shirt from Superdry, I just put in over the top of the shirt I had on, but I would wear it on its own, with maybe just a camisole underneath.

This was £20 but I thought it was unusual with the zip down the front and again I liked the subtle colours. You can also have the sleeves rolled down.




Finally, possibly my favourite is this!



I have never had a poncho before and this just hit me as soon as I saw it. I LOVED the colours, they are so me and it’s lovely and cosy and surprisingly for me I thought it was quite flattering. This was £22 but I think I’ll be getting my moneys worth out of it over the winter months!

I hope you enjoyed having a little nosy at what I bought, have you got a poncho? Do you like/wear it?

Lucy xxx


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