Topshop Tall Jamie Jeans Review


So I have officially found my perfect pair of jeans, I LOVE THEM! Obviously I had to get them in a long leg because of my height but finally I found them and I love them sooooo much!

They are from Topshop and are the High Waisted Tall Ripped Jamie Jeans. Here’s what they look like….



They have rips in both knee’s and a small almost heart shaped rip on right leg, but as you can see that is covered by the threads underneath.

They were £42 so quite pricey and thats the only negative to these jeans, but for me it was totally worth it! They are really soft and so stretchy so they are very comfy to wear, in fact I wore them for a four car journey!

I would highly recommend these jeans, especially for the taller lady as they fit me perfectly and I always struggle with jeans. So yeah, go have a look! You won’t be disappointed!

And for the exact jeans:

I am also wearing my asda black ankle boots and a giraffe crop top from Newlook 🙂

Lucy xxx


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