Pure Indulgence Soaps Review…

So I have another review/haul type post for you today!

I bought this at the Christmas markets in Manchester on last Thursday and I have been really enjoying using them! 🙂

So basically for £10 you got to choose three soaps, a bath bomb and one of these really cool sponges filled wP1090571ith soap in silver, red or gold box. As you can see I chose silver…

P1090572This is what it looks like inside, you even got a little gift tag for if you were giving it as a present.

So the three soaps I chose were these….


The yellow one is out the bag because I’ve been using it and let me tell you, it’s amazing! It’s lemon sherbet scent and it lathers sooo easily and smells just so good! I love it! The blue/purple one is a lavender scented one for calming and relaxing which I always need haha! And the pink one with the little white angel is there special christmas scent, which kind of smells like sweet, christmassy….its hard to describe without you smelling it! But its good!

I then just grabbed a bath bomb, this doesn’t really smell of anything in particular, just very clean and fresh.P1090574

Then for me, my favourite thing which I have never seen before is a soap filled sponge! I chose this blue one which smells like bubblegum, oh my god it’s soooo amazing!!! I can’t wait to use this! I love it!!



I hope you enjoyed this blog post, you can go and check out Pure Indulgence Soaps’ website here http://www.pureindulgencesoaps.co.uk

I would highly recommend them as they are so lovely, lather so easily and are very reasonable in price!

Lucy xxx



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