MAC Glaze Lipstick in Hue

So on my trip up North recently I found myself in House of Fraser which I immediately saw had a MAC counter.

I have a couple of MAC products but have always really wanted to try one of their famous lipsticks so me and mum scoured their many colours and shades. I knew I wanted a nude colour, something light I could wear everyday and I settled with the shade Hue.

P1090562So as I said I knew I wanted a nude shade, but something still a little different from what I usually would wear. I settled on the shade Hue which is like a light baby pink.

Its definitely on the pink side of nude colours, but its very subtle, very sweet and I think it would look really good with a sultry eye to harden it up a bit.

It goes on really well and feels very smooth and moisturising on my lips which is always a plus, it doesn’t feel like its drying my lips out.

I also tried putting a bit of Benefits  Dandelion powder over the top as its basically the same colour which looked really nice and turned it into a matt lipstick.




The matt effect didn’t show up that well on camera so this is just a picture with the lipstick on by itself. I really like this colour and hopefully will be wearing it a lot! They are pricey at £15.50 each but I think they are worth it once in a while 🙂

Lucy xxx










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