Why I love Charity Shops!

Hey there!

So on one of my trips to town recently I went into my local PDSA which is a charity for animals and I found something gorgeous! I’d sort of forgotten just how much I like having a good old browse through the charity shops because you can find some real gems and its for charity! Bonus!

You don’t always find lots of good things, and you might find none, but the other day I found one thing that I love and I thought I would share it with you!


These pyjamas! They are originally from Monsoon and we all know how expensive Monsoon clothes are! But in the charity shop they were really cheap, I can’t remember how much exactly. They were basically new and just look how cute they are!

They have quite a long leg as well which I always struggle to find in general let alone pyjamas! They are pale pink with a cute rose pattern all over them and I just LOVE THEM! They totally made me fall back in love with charity shops. You can also find really nice vintage gems in charity shops, I love looking and the jumpers!

So next time you’re in town take a look in the charity shops, you’re getting a bargain and its for charity!

Lucy xxx


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