EofE Unleashed Tour!


So on Friday night me and my friend Felicity (felicitygriffiths.blogspot.co.uk – go check her out!) went to see EofE in Cheltenham for their Unleashed tour! 😀

I was really excited to see what they were like second time round, we’d seen them first at Cheltenham Race Course when they supported The Vamps and we thought they were brilliant! So we were both eager to see them again!

We’d never been to the SMV Subtone before (the venue they were performing in) but as soon as we got there it just felt really good. It was quite an unassuming building with only the sign outside giving away to what was indoors.

The bouncers, in fact all the staff, were really chilled but at the same time it felt very safe. As we entered and walked down the stairs into the main music room we stopped to take a picture on the colourfully painted stairs. PICTURE TIME!


I was wearing:
Jeans: Mom fit jeans from Topshop £40
Crop Top: Topshop £14
Parrot Necklace
Shoes from Matalan

It was a small room with the stage at one end and the bar at the other. We spotted two stools right at the back and thought we would perch there until EofE were on haha.


We didn’t see all the support acts but the ones we did see, Warme and The Fuse were both very good! 🙂 Then it was a quick break before EofE were on yaaaay!

We moved up to the front and waited excitedly for them to come on, and as we expected they were amazing as they had been when they supported The Vamps. They are soooo good live, and they have great lyrics with a great rocky vibe.

We even got to meet some of them after which was brilliant, they are all really nice guys! 😀

Tom-Lead Vocal
Reece-Rhythm Guitarist
Dan-Lead Guitarist and Backing Vocals
Dan-Lead Guitarist and Backing Vocals

So if you are reading this by any chance, thank you again guys for stopping to say hi, meant a lot and really made the night!

I would so recommend giving EofE a listen, if you like a rock type vibe, you’ll LOVE them. They are really very good and deserve lots of fans, although I kind of want them to remain my little secret! haha

Check them out on Youtube and Spotify, just search EofE their new single Bridges is BRILLIANT! And if you do ever have a chance to see them, DO IT!

Lucy xxx

Yay for the toilet selfie! hahaha
Yay for the toilet selfie! hahaha







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