Neal’s Yard Remedies Review


So about a week ago now my mum popped into town without me and came across a new shop! It’s an Organic Natural Health and Beauty company based in Covent Garden, London called Neal’s Yard Remedies. It has so much to offer it’s almost hard to put it into a post, but it has face products, stuff for the bath/shower, herbal remedies, hair products, the list goes on!


My mum picked me up a couple of things to try out. Firstly this!


This is a tonic and as far as I could gather from my mums description its for if you have digestion problems, or a sensitive stomach or anything like that. It’s called the Lemon Balm and & Skullcap Formula and you take about 5ml three times a day in a little water.


The other main thing she bought me is the bottle on the left. This is not their own mixture as you can tell by the packaging. This is Australian Bush Flower Essences and this one is the Calm and Clear Essence.

Now if you suffer from anxiety or stress then you might of heard of Rescue Remedy by Bach. I had that in a spray but a girl I knew had it in a dropper like this product and if you know that then this is basically just like that. You put seven drops under you’re tongue morning and night to assist in relaxing, unwinding and slowing down.

The little tester next to it she got free and its a hand cream. This one is Wild Rose hand cream and it says it ‘deeply nourishes and balances’. I tried this the other day and apart from making your hands SUPER soft, it smells amazing!!


Finally we have another little tester she got and this one is Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser. It claims to ‘Gently cleanse and smooth all skin types.’

I have just tried this and it does make your skin very soft and it has a vowel subtle, subtle smell which is quite nice because sometimes you don’t want something really overpowering on your face as it can irritate your skin and eyes.

I would highly recommend this shop if you like herbal and flower based remedies for problems you might have, or if you just want to try something a bit different thats organic and natural. There is something for everyone!

My mum bought a bubble bath thing and I used some last night. It claims to encourage Wellbeing and I think it did that just through the gorgeous smell! I would highly recommend checking them out!

Lucy xxx


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